Hummer Boy

Hummer H2 boy over on the Barf. Mordak of w/e his name is. Came through the toll booths yesterday.

Seemed pretty cool. And I got to see his ride all prettied up. “She was just washed yesterday”

Except as soon as I got online last night, he Im’ed me…literally like as soon as my BL loaded :lol:

Viper966 also came through…he recieved a complimentary toll. :slight_smile:

Working @ the tolls…is sweet. /rant

:tup: ill see ya WED morning if your going to be in pembrooke

what tolls do you work at?

word illero caught up to me this weekend, he wasn’t at all what i expected him to be

maybe i can get a complimentary toll too :tup:

thats a big twinky

i friggen hated when people have done that to me. i mean, at least give my slow piece of shit computer like 5 seconds to process all the aim signing on information before saying “HEY!!!” like theyve been waiting for you to come on for like 7 hours.

That hurts.

yeah, and so do those babie scabies that you gave me you prick

holla. if i see any of you guys, ill pay it out of my own pocket. :slight_smile:

yeah same here, about expecting you what i thought you would be

if its only $0.15 to $0.75, yeah sure I’ll pay out of pocket, but I sure as fuck aint gonna pay your way to NYC :slight_smile:

division 3 (williamsville, depew, or pembroke)

i got sleazy pass so i’ll just throw any leftover food items i have at you :tup:

what one where you working, i came threw saturday.

i work at 3 different stations at many different times/days

plus i don’t know who 90% of u guys are…

if i recognize the car, or your face…or actually know you sure…but dont go around asking for the kid whos gonna let me go.

cause i wont.