new jersey toll booth drama

pages of LOL

oh how I love you NJ.


are their jobs similar to NYS? Like benefits/pay and such?

why is this the mental picture i have of jersey toll collectors


lol… they should make that last one into an official state slogan.

“New Jersey… go fuck yourself”.

True… but except for I think one of them they’re not even from Jersey!

true. actually i dont think any of them are actually from jersey. however it was just what first popped in my head while reading them…

I lost it at boxing mitts for some reason.

all i can picture is rosie perez with her annoying voice chomping on her gum saying “WAIT A FUCKIN MINUTE YOU FUCKIN BITCH!”

hahahaha omg LOL

i love that they specify extra pepperoni!

PS - working at the Tolls was one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Everyone is so friendly, the other toll collectors are the best role models and nobody steals, cheats the system and they most definitely are not fucking each other.

PSS- Working at the Tolls, I saw more tits in just those 2 years than I have collectively seen any amount of tits in my entire life. I also had the pleasure of seeing on average 3-4 wrinkly unwashed truck driver cocks per month. The sheer number of nude drivers out there and women willing to flash an adult teenager to save $0.15 is outstanding.

lol i miss you

lol wow i hope i dont go to jersey anytime soon