Hummer is dead

They are awesome fyi.

Also the Tesla semi isn’t really more efficient. They only drove it 60mph and used 750 kilowatt mega chargers lol.

I also wonder what it was loaded with when saying it was fully loaded? Lays potato chips or Pepsi?

80,000 lbs give or take. They unload partial loads and pick up loads. Not bad tbh but the speed is a killer. 65mph drops like 18% from an optimal 52mph.

Just automate them and let them do 50mph in the right lane.

FUCK THAT! Do you know how bad one asshole going that slow fucks up traffic on a busy highway, let alone fleets of slow Tesla trucks?

Haha true, make them pay for an extra lane and allow the far left lane to go as fast as they want lol

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Finally spotted a new Hummer in the wild and honestly it looks great :+1: