Hummer is dead

So humvee has been let out to pasture and now Hummer is dead.

GM to wind down its Hummer brand after a proposed sale to China’s Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. Ltd. fell through.

Tengzhong “was unable to complete the acquisition,” GM said today in a statement. The Chinese company was waiting for Chinese government approval of the sale.

Also funny that this came out today:

hummer won’t die… something will happen at the last minute.

If anyone want to read about the Humvee:

the final 2,620 Humvees have been ordered from Mishawaka, Indiana-based AM General by the U.S. Army

It sucks since they made all those dealers build that new dedicaited buidling.

those building are cool… I would totally buy one and live in it.

Plus many have an off roading track out back.

Just need to have a first or last name that starts with an “H” or the huge windows in the shape of an "H would be hard to explain.

DETROIT (Dow Jones)–General Motors Co.'s Hummer line of beefy SUVs is headed for extinction after a deal to sell the brand to a Chinese manufacturer fell apart.

Would-be buyer Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Co. said Wednesday it failed to win approval from Chinese regulators for its $150 million bid.

GM said it will begin winding down Hummer, a brand that until a couple of years ago was one the auto maker’s biggest money makers.

Maybe this will come back together like the SAAB deal, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I for one am not upset to see it go. I never really liked them.

Man, I missed that one :ham:

people said that about pontiac.

Its funny that 2 of the top 3 are gone however.

Seems they are trying to clone themselves into Toyota.

^ I would have much rather seen GM keep Pontiac over Buick…The only Buicks i ever really liked was the LT1 Roadmaster,Regal GS,and 80’s Buick GN/T-type.

I have always liked the Grand AM GT,Grand Prix GT/GTP,Firebird formula,Sunfire sport/GT,Pontiac G8,ect…

Hummer,never been a fan…

At least they are doing up the new Buicks…the new LaCrosse is a straight Lexus beater. I loved the interior when my mom looked at it.

Im actually surprised that 6 out of the top 7 were GM companies in the survey.

You would think the foreign makers would have that sealed up too. Then again toyota really showed its true colors recently.


H1 = Beast mode Truck, these things are the shit, including portal axles
H2 = silverado running gear, tall gears and lockers
H3 = Colorado running gear, tall gears and lockers

Shitty about the H1, but IMHO im not gonna miss the H2 and H3, they’re marketed as heavy duty offroad vehicles, and yet they still sport IFS and have terrible ground clearance and approach angles. Plus they’re fat heavy pigs.

Yeah somewere i read that the H3 runs like a 0-60 in 11 seconds.I know its not ment to be a acceleration monster but c-mon… Also i heard its not the greatest off road.

Then again i read that the H3 was maketed towards woman.

When you say “tall gears”,do you mean shallow or steep gears? I’ll have to expect the ladder and say shallow gears.

Who cares? H1 aside, they’re the biggest posermobiles on the road. Middle class white women will just have to find some other way to tell the world that they’re not satisfied by their husband’s small dick.

4.56 gears

and what do we have here?