Hook a brother up and youll be my best friend forever lol…i ran out. Ill trade my sisters for some…their Identical twins ; )

pics of said sisters…?

That ish is worse than heroin!

I know this is an off topic forum but dont you think whoring your sisters for pain killers is a little too off topic??

Meh i dotn get along with em anyways lol…besides if they leave i get their room lol. My arm is killin, i cant even lift it on my own, i hangs half outa the socket and my ass hole dr wont give me anything for it…neeeeed Hydros. I love those things.

why wont your dr give you anything for it?

what about surgery?

He gave me a cortizone shot wed, which so far has made it hurt 10X worse. i dunno bout surgury he didint even do an mri yet. I know that the swelling can effect the mri so he may just be waiting for the cortizone to take effect. The only thing he gave me was Neproxin, which has a profven history and warnings all over it that it massivly increases risk of heart attack and stroke, which run in my family, so i refuse to take it. im sorry but im not going to die of a fuckin stroke at 21 because my dr is a Douch. Surgury was mentioned but again, i dunno yet.

make a run to canada

Im seriously thinking of makin a run to texas and live with my millionaire cousin. He said if i wanna go down there hell pay for my schooling and everything as long as I keep an A average…but its soooo hot down there.

Change doctors.

Are you freaking kidding?

You don’t want to live with a millionare cousin because it’s too HOT? Dude! You’re could be inside a nice house all day if you wanted to be!

How many do you want?

Dude u serious lol…as many as u can give me. Youl be my favorite for ever…or at least till i run out.

do you have money to pay for them??? these aren’t free, and come with a hefty penalty if caught with a large quantity of them…

no many but my bday is tomarrow…an like i said ill trade my sisters for em, and i never get caught.

how old are your sisters again?

17…but 17 is legal…

18= legal
17= legal with concent
16= legal with a note from her mom
15= legal if her dad is in the room

14 and under is just plain gross.