I don't know shit about Jewelry


The only thing I know is that it’s the most overpriced commodity there is, as in if i spend 1000$ at Zales and Jared, it probably cost them 150. Also cut and clarity over size is what I’ve read.

I’ve never purchased jewelry before. I’d like to buy either earrings or a necklace, hell maybe even a set. I’d like to spend 1000$. Obviously this is an xmas gift.

What to look for? What’s a good deal? Who’s least likely to fuck me over? I plan on doing a lot of shopping around.

Do you guys have any recommendations?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.


Go see @baker in village of Hamburg.


Literally the biggest waste of money.

But girls like it, so whatever.

I cringe whenever I think of how much I spent on my wife’s engagement/wedding band. I spent $12 on Amazon for my piece of metal.

I bought her pearl/white gold earrings once, that was fun. Here’s some solidified oyster vomit and metal to put on your ear lobes.


my only advice on buying jewellery for your lady is to buy more of it now so that you can buy way less of it later :slight_smile:


My advice is to lay down the law early so they don’t expect things like that. #winning.


lol appreciate the response fellas! I got a lot of research to do


Private jewelry stores, I got everything from my jeweler Ross and Sons jewelry on transit.


x2 on @Baker in the village. Ray Crinzi Jewelry.

Excellent service and you can customize anything to be exactly what you want.

Got my fiance engagement ring there and it turned out fantastic. Shipped in a bunch of different diamonds so I could pick the one I wanted and had the ring custom made.

5 stars for sure.


It’s not necessarily cut and clarity OVER size. It’s about striking the right balance. Size matters to your lady, 100%.

You really gotta find out what your girl likes and go from there. My wife likes lots of shiny stuff, so I opted to spend more on the setting, and dial the diamond back a little bit. Some girls just like a big rock with a simple/basic setting, in which case you can buy an inexpensive setting and the biggest/best diamond for it.

Setting material matters too. White gold is a little bit cheaper than platinum, but there are trade-offs.


Honestly this shits way too hard, I just got some Tiffany’s lol We’ve been dating 7 months. On our one year I’ll get her something else.