I got a puppy!! - *56k? Come on in!*

Thor, the Dog of Thunder!!

He’s almost 12 weeks old (born May 1). He’s 1/2 Toy Fox Terrier and 1/2 Fox Terrier. He should grow up to weigh about 8 pounds, and be about 10 inches tall.

More pics later if desired.


I used to have a fox terrior, if he has the same temperment you just made yourself that dog’s bitch. I loved that little guy. Have fun with the puppy.

dogs > *

Digging the little guy. :tup:

damn thats a sexy beast!

“Iwww. I’m not a beast! Iwwww.”
- Paris Hilton

(Something like that.)

i am not sure if that dog deserves the name thor :slight_smile:

we can compare him to my friends rot named thor, and see which deserves it more. :slight_smile:

cute critter

Beautiful dog…

I love animals I just dont like the vet…I just came back from there and they charged me $96.00 just for a fucking shot…
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cute dog…i love terriers…i have a jack russell terrier…