I left my car...on

Battery died. 10 minutes before I had to be to work. yay. argh. Lost my wallet too…

ill save this boring thread!!!


^^ roffle

pai meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



BWAHAHAHAHHA…it made me laugh…so now this thread is awesome


so you left your car on, it ran out of gas, ?headlights were still on? and your battery died?

and you lost your wallet?

No, I left the ignition in the auxilary on…so it just ran my battery dead.

And then I lost my wallet.

AND then smurfs came and saved the day in their purple school bus. It was pretty sweet because I was just sitting there going hm i should probably call that lady and borrow her battery charger, but she’s not there. And then blue smurfs came! Yup.

lol, i left my car on for an hour by mistake and when i ran out to turn it off there was a huge puddle underneath it, touching every tire :smiley:

anyways that animated gif saved this thread

so ur battery died after 10 min…i think u might need a new one if it cant handle that

No more like the entire night.



so hows that battery comming???

still dead?

how about that wallet?

still lost?