I need a Mason.


Not the Illuminati kind, the brick repairing kind.

I’ve got a big brick chimney. I guess the crown has a crack so water’s been getting in and damaging the mortar. So I need the crack caulked or something, a little mortar repointed, and the whole thing painted.

Any recommendations? Any of you ever hire someone for masonry work?


find an italian, you will be fine.

Destro concrete is very good.



But seriously, I’ll talk to my roommate. He’s being doing masonry with his dad for years so it might be a good side job for him.



And, thanks.


would you like this mason to be FREE?


Har. Preferably. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hell I have some work for one too. specially if he’s free lol




Dave Hill just repointed my parents chimney. Great work very reasonable price. he did the parish commons, he did part of the manuscript library. 983-6163





Can anyone recommend a local mason? I need some new, stone front steps.