I need an small business accountant

Does anybody know of a decent small business accountant. I’m in the process of setting something up but do need a little guidence.

Any of you guys out there that run small biz…do you have an accountant? Who are they? Would you recomend them?

Thanks guys…

i recommend the accountant i use. Phirip Yap.

do you need a financial accountant or managerial accountant?

I really need some help with financial accounting, specifically with respect to taxation and:

  1. What can/can not be considered a business expense?
  2. Methods of accounting for various financing?
  3. Small business grants and exemptions?
    blah blah blah.

Basically want to understand all the benefits available to me.


send me a list of all your questions

my cousin is a damn good financial accountant. I can send him your quetions, tell him its for a friend of mine, and see what he says about it all.

Thanks Matty - that is a very generous offer. The only problem I have is I don’t know what I don’t know.

I don’t know all of the questions to ask…

Dan, are you incorporating? If not, there isn’t a lot to know since you just file the taxes with your personal taxes each year - the only difference is that you get an extra month to prepare before they are due.

Also just a tip because you may or may not know, you can claim losses for the first 3 years of business and I suggest you take advantage of that but more importantly make damn sure that by the 3rd year you aren’t turning a loss because if you are, they aren’t going to give you shit all for it.

I have an awesome accountant for you, email me to remind me to get her info to you.

Thanks John Boy!!

I left you a voicemail, let me know how things work out.