I need your referals!!!! cash paid

As another year kicks off I am trying to beat 2016 and further my career here, If you send someone in and they buy a car I will send you minimum $250.00.

Please contact me directly at 716 479 1084

I can assist at any of the Basil stores new or used!

Thanks in advance

John Kramer

I send a healthy handful of vehicles per year and was getting $100 from Basil. Has it always been $250?

like I said, send me a customer and ill send you 250

when i was sending a bunch to dave basil it was $250+

bump keep them coming, keep them rolling

bump, keep them coming

Bump, send anyone in from now until the end of the month and i will send you 250 bucks, we have a ton of great deals on new and used trucks