Ice racing?

What do you guys think? With some of our own funds, and maybe if some sponsors would want to pitch in, we could build an ice racer for these kind of events.

Obviously the car should be a Nissan of some sort. I am gonna get into contact with that club and see what is needed for the cars and when they expect to have the events. It would definately keep us busy over the winter.

Also, since most of us have beaters, I think the RX-7 club has ice races where you can bring whatever car you want, from my understanding. Anyone with a beater could go out and race, if that would be allowed. I am gonna get in contact with them and see what they say.

Any opinions?

HHHmmmm…Pathfinders can ice race…Right?


You’ll probably need a full roll cage, studded tires etc.

I’m not sure how many people would want to throw their funds towards an Ice Racer for the NECC considering that almost all of them won’t be driving it… know what I mean? If 20 people pitch money, how are 20 people going to have a hand in the ice racer for themselves to feel it was worth it for them? Unless of course your talking about people dishing out money just to support the NECC?

Just a thought.

Why even bother? Some guy in a bone stock Tracker could come out there and just rape the pants right off of you!

Oh no wait…those were Subarus that had their pants raped off of them…

That’s right, RAPED!

hehehehehhee :oops:

Interesting idea but it sounds like it won’t be feasable right now for necc.

The Edmonton RX-7 Club will be holding ice racing events once the ice freezes.

These are Ice Dices, anyone can come with any vehicle…its essencially ice auto-x :smiley:

I think the NECC should focus first on getting its core shit together as a club first. Then when that is taken care of the club can collectively decide how to best spend its money.

But in the meantime there is nothing stopping individual members from racing their own cars in the ice dices if they want.

^^^What he said