Ice Racing

I am going to look at a z that will be mainly a parts car. I am eventually going to put the motor in my 86 in the spring. I know that moffit went ice racing last year. I was wondering where it takes place in relation to rochester. I was thinking that this car could be a fun car for ice racing. It has some rust issues and the rack leaks but I could get it for a couple hundred dollars. Anyone ever done it or know where it takes place. Does the car have to be registered, what classes. the car is a 85 300zx n/a auto 3 liter v6. Just curious.

Dave (and others) went two years ago… last year sucked for ice, and there was only one sanctioned event in all of NY that I know of. Anyway, the sites to check are:

Central New York Ice Racing Association Inc.

Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club

Oh, and don’t assume that they will let you run in a leaking rustbucket. People show up in nice cars and they may not want to be on the ice with someone who seems to not care if they hit anything.

I heard they have lugit tech inspections, whats the rules on tires?

Depends on the organization that you run with. For street cars I think one of them runs both studded and studless classes, and the other runs just studless. The “real” ice racing cars use crazy tires with screws sticking out of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I haven’t looked at the car yet but I don’t think that it is a total pile. The rack is easily a 600 job if you don’t do it and the timing belt should be changed which is 400 at a shop. That is a lot to spend on a 85 car. Who needs power steering anyways.

prays for ice this year

Is there such thing as solo ice racing?

I remember Dave saying there were pretty explicit rules about how bad of shape your car was in. No big rust spots was the one thing I remember. I’ll nudge him about this thread to see what he says.