If you thought people on SON make lousy arguments

Check out this guy:
I’m sure if I had a computer and access to the internet when I was two years old, I would make a more convincing argument than this guy.

that changed my whole way of thinking.

where can i find a ps3?

It is funny but sony has a great controller. Why change it too look different if it’s not needed?

i find the ps2 - ps3 controllers’ D-pad is annoying…especially for fighting games, it burns the fuck outa my thumbs

My thumbs only hurt when I play Street fighter or after about 4 hours of smash bros.

Meh, regardless. The PS3 is gonna be a total failure. Why? Xbox already has 99% of the games, and PS3 is gonna cost a ZILLION dollars.

^^ Wanna bet? :smiley:

What, you actaully play console games?

me? no :smiley:

i dont own a single console (nor do i play pc games really)

However, I do follow the industry closely so I have my opinions. I bet within 2 years of PS2’s release it will have outsold xbox 360 twice. I’d put money on it if anyone is interested. :smiley:

PS2 has outsold Xbox 360 every month except for december 05 since 360’s release, including May 06 - i bet June and July will be the same as well.

Depending on 360’s pricing strategy when ps3 comes out, i would probably bet ps3 will continue the trend of the ps2 and outsell the 360 every month. We’ll see though… can’t make that call just yet

The only reason why the ps2 has been outselling the 360, is that the 360 is freakin expensive. When they debut the PS3, at what is going to be a 360 + 2 PS2s, I highly doubt their sales are gonna be what you think they are.

PS3 is gonna pwn 360 in sales.

You’ll see.