I'm Having Twins Too!!!!

Well Not as interesting or powerfull as Onyx’s tiwins… The Stork who these days ships via FedEx brought my twins to my house…


I’m gunna start getting these babies ready tonight.


Nice! 2 > 1 :wink:

i should get triple webers for the z cause 3>2>1 :lol:

They are On and Done… gotta fab up some plates tomorrow for the intake manifold warmer tubes (They use exhaust gas, to heat up the stock intake manifold) but… seeing as how I no longer have stock intake manifold now I"ve go 2 exhaust leaks… I started it up forgetting this thinking… No way did those carbs give my car that much noise… then I look and see that Iv’e got two gaping holes in my exhaust.

looks nice. Take some pics with them on the car.

Please do, I want to see the whole package. What kind of gains would you expect from this? assuming of course it is going on a Ghia.

I will have before and after pix with a lil more explaination… tomorrow… I’ve got to clean up the wires before pics get taken.
I know I will gain more power in the low range, as well as an overall 10 HP (I’m guessing) Gain, I gotta use the ass dyno tomorrow to guesstimate what I got.

10 HP is alot on that engine, percentagewise…

I know… this completes the breathing equasion though… It was done all weird like.
Exhaust, cam , carbs… but now that it’s been workign out and the lung capacity and airflow is better… this should kick it up a notch… I’ll see what the ass dyno tells me later today.