im hungry. whos in sillysville and hungry too?

williamsville area, and i want to eat lunch like NOW NOW NOW!!!111111oneoneoneone

where are you? lol

im in amherst though…john glenn drive

main and transit area

where do you usually go for lunch?

i need some new ideas…im seriously bored with sub and salad… :frowning:

kabab and curry (great indian buffet)
bamboo china (i like noodles with plum sause, and the korean dishes)
pizza plant… always good for a liquid lunch
brew pub (see above)


try bamboo china’s General Tso chicken…they’re different than most general tso…LOL

how long is ur break btw?

mine is half hour…barely able to go back to office on time… :frowning:

as long as i want

u should goto Bill Grey’s

eh, im not real big on that place.
but it does remind me that louies deli is right there, and that joint rocks

meh…i’m close to u…but not too hungry…

i hate you now

ur just ghey…join him and get a milk shake


What about the Taste of WIlliamsville today? It is on Island park. Not sure the times though…–&stat=:pos:0:regular:regT:20:fbT:0
Started at 11 am ends at 9 pm.

how bout the taste of julie…i mean ummmm yea

i could be @ brauns tommaro @ 11am

shit, i left for indian before you posted this.