forecasting +13 & sunny for this friday, which means an unofficial 350z meet is in order :wink: haven’t spoken to church yet, but he has no life so he’ll probably be there "D

same deal, most likely 830 to 930 pm at CG underground parking lot, all 350z’s are welcome to join as the mafia crew will be there :slight_smile:

BWAHAHAHAHA Hopefully my stage 2&3 mods will be on the car by then!

This is open to all?

I wonder why no one uses this to post meets;

your car needs to have a pussy magnet to go

goes to Canadian Tire to look for “pussy magnet” after work today

350z’s only! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, how can you just assume that I will have free time!..

Ok you are right I wouldnt miss this! hahahahhaha
FUKR!:drivin :smiley:

Edit: my stage 1 mods may be complete!!! AHHHHHH!!!

our car’s aren’t pussy magnets, they’re man magnets. As soon as Rich rev’s his car, i’m sure at least 3 guys will hover over his engine bay to drool all over it.

I’m a maybe for this right now, depending on the thing I have to do on fridays.

cancels trip to Canadian Tire for “Pussy Magnet”

I’ll try to come another time then, thanks. :slight_smile:

Why cant other cars come?

meh because theyre haters…even wen it comes to the 350’s older predecessor…the 300 :mad:

but either way…thats ricks bday party at Dave & Busters

We’re not haters…
Just don’t park beside us!!! ohhhhhhh! SNAP!* I KEEEEEED!!!"D :drivin :R

R:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lol… as i have yet to purchase my own car, i shall be traversing in a 2001 basic trim, 5spd, 118hp silver toyota echo… though i will probably be parked above ground at a friends bday dinner at kbbq.

I will try and drop by… dont worry i’ll make the trip to underground by foot so the echo wont be seen with the Zs

wudnt wanna park beside u n e wayysss :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries there. I won’t be attending anything that’s that exclusive. I think I may have made a mistake in registering here. I thought this was a Nissan Club. Perhaps it’s best to limit my outings to the TIZCC instead.

Thanks all, cheers,

There you go. John is a wicked guy but you guys have to isolate and keep him away.
So much for Toronto NISSAN Club

Maybe Zep would be happier if the 350Z guys stay away from his bday party.
Some 350Z guys are good, but it only takes one or two to put a bad taste in someones mouth about the entire group.

wow this spiraled out of control so fast…geez you people are touchy…it’s called a joke man. How and why would we limit the meet to just 350z guys when we posted it at TNC?

maybe you guys missed all the icons or the “I KEEEEEED” bit in the posts that usually denotes sarcasm or a joke.

Talk about flame city…you guys gotta chill out man. Or else everyone will asked to be banned.

Next time people should be required to attach this to their posts should they feel the need to use sacrasm:

hell, even make it an icon!

hmmm, post says “350Z MEET”
Yet we’re supposed to just know that it’s a joke? Collaboration on the part of additional 350Z guys show admittance to anything but a joke.
Is this written in some special 350Z code that only us Un-Holy non-350Z guys are supposed to know?

Seems we Un-Holy non-350Z guys misunderstood the 350Z written code and assumed it as not a joke. Please clarify. Where is this 350Z Bible? Is it privileged to only 350Z guys?
Don’t mean to be a hardass, but this is ridiculous.

ur car has to cost over 30 000 dollars to be allowed

chill man, rich just wants to meet up with his black 350z boys (there are 4 of us). That was his intention (i would assume). None of us would have any problems if other TNC members showed up (thus the use of sarcasm to say only 350z’s allowed).

I can’t believe the gigantic “I KEEEEEEEEED” (I kid) in big BOLD letters are causing any confusion in the matter.

Lastly, Not every meet has to be an all nissan meet. Other people are welcome of course, but Rich was looking for his 350Z boys over other members so we can have a nice picture with all black 350z all done up in different ways. Do you always go out with EVERYONE of your friends EVERYTIME? I highly doubt it.