In light of the other Byron Brown story....

well this was last weekend (friday i believe). My friend was driving down elmwood (this all happened infront of the regal) perfectly normal with traffic speed limit and all. well this couple just walks across the street into traffic basically. My friend locked up his brakes to stop in time then as he passed this couple he dropped his automatic s10 into 1st gear (i think it tops out at something like 27 or something close) flooring it past them, pissed at their ignorance, then proceeds to go back to the speed limit.
well a couple blocks down he’s hunted down by 2 buffalo police cruisers. They stop him and have a list of several tickets they were going to give him. None of which were remotely true. Lucky for my friend a close relative of his is a member of the buffalo police so they admitted it was the mayor and his wife that the incident involved and that was the reason they came down so hard on him. They also admitted the mayor was most likely at fault.

just a story i thought i’d share

that shitz happen every day, i wish i was the one that could be an a$$ to everyone and people would have to deal with it.

so what does the mayor have to do with this though?

he called the cops and sent them after my friend. they were going to ass rape him with BS tickets because the mayor made shit up