Inspection - anyone have trouble with it yet?

Just curious, my rear O2s are turned off in the cobra and im wondering if thats enough to give me trouble come inspection time. Anyone been through the new inspection yet with a newer modified kaa?

I passed the OBD11 shit fine. Just have no DTC, and 96-00 allowed 2 readyess moniter incomplete. 01+ only 1
I had no EGR system with the DTC turned off. So that shows up not ready for the EGR compleation montior.

Visual I have no cat, EGR, valve cover breather (no pcv), a few other things But you get around that same as before. So no DTC you will pass

You can always just hook the NYSVI OBDII port to a differnt (stock 03 cobra) car and have it pass for you. :slight_smile:


so any other o3 cobra would work?

There is no VIN in the computer on most cars.


Well hopefully i fall into the “most cars” category.

Ive got a list of parts id like to start ordering, but im still unsure as to how much BS i may have to put up with for an inspection if i do get everthing i want. Stupid NYS :tdown:

Driver Troble Code

Humm, I can’t post a link I wnat too. I put it in the title? see what it dose. LOL

[ English 800x600NYVIP/mainmenu.htm]( English 800x600NYVIP/mainmenu.htm)

i passed fine, have alot of stuff done to my car. it was running pig rich to with no cat, but visually there is a cat.

if ur rear 02s are the only thing u haev deleted and no lights on the dash , or engine codes u should pass fairly easy, besides teh visual if u have no cats

The inspection on my neon is about as thorough as the Bush administration’s intelligence reports.

Didn’t pop the hood, didn’t check the brakes, he checked the lights and had the computar do the rest.

If you have a 96-99 (or maybe 00) you can have a code in the computer and it’ll still pass as long as the check engine light isn’t on. After that any codes at all will fail you.


does anyone know of a good shop that can inspect my car that won’t try and tell me i need new tires, wipers, etc. ?