Intercooler Endtank Design

What about end tank design, thickness, shape have to play in the factor. Im putting together end tanks for a intercooler and need them both to exit out the top. Where should I get the material? This is what im planning on making for it out of .090" aluminum

i moved this out of the intercooler efficiency sticky. i believe it is worthy of its very own thread.

there are a few members that have engineering degrees, and i would like to see them add something useful to this.

Let me ponder this a little and refer to my Fluids book; I’m a little rusty at the math behind it.

As for materials; I know I’ve used for some things; mcmaster carries a decent variety; I’m not sure about local though.

How much pressure will it need to hold? CFM? 5000 series aluminum is fairly easy to find, and is pretty durable. The long flat sides will be the weak link, so if you are running high boost, make sure there is enough material to bevel the edge and get a good full TIG weld. It looks like you’re off to a good start.

Not really. The intercooler core you weld it to will reinforce it plenty.
Its a good design. Just make sure the aluminum is thick enough.

.090 " is thick enough. t up, nice design.

There is a place called Metal Supermarket that has a nice selection of metal. I have never been to the one inn Buffalo, but the one in Philadelphia has a great selection.
The one in Buffalo is at 2230 Elmwood Avenue.

Metal Supermarket…grab your ankles

Thats what I thought I wont be running more than 20-25psi but im making it with some safety built in to the design

find a material with ideal properties for you application, they then send you to a dist. that sells it.

That design will be fine. .090 will be ok, but I would just jump to 11GA (about .125) it will probably be cheaper as it is easier to find. we throw massive pieces of this away all the time. i’ll see if i can snag some for you.

a middle baffle on the inlet tank will be a benefit also.

Awesome thanks newman

Studderin what do you mean baffle like a strip running down the middle of the curved section?

i thought this was a sticky, couldn’t fiind it?

Don’t use any baffles

holy shit there is so much good information there.

thats the site we were looking at like a year ago :stuck_out_tongue: I sent that to you

ya I looked Mike (inovative) posted it, I thought it was a sticky, maybe it was back on ubrf

ok I have the material but is there somewhere close that can bead roll a pipe? Not sure if they can do .125" thick though