Interest Check: Augest 22nd, St Cath: Scrape by the Lake

it was pretty mild last year but a BIG turn out…

this is the biggest niagara show of the year, and if a couple of you wanna set up, i would be down as well.

Let’s get all our vehicles registered as a club …
$20 each maybe (says discount for club regs …)?

At least we might win best club showing :wink:

how about a late dinner buffet too…

Man I have ALL of augest off.
No work.
No school.
No obligations.

I better be doing car stuff every day.
That or with my girlfriend.

So assume for every event I’m signed up … unless I post to decline.

Last year the club that won had 28 cars…so I’m thinking probably not :lol: .

Anyways, I’ll be there.

Ok well by looking at this site it looks like honda central.
I don’t know about anyone els but something about that I don’t really like.

It’s actually quite a large mix importwise. The lowriders make up most of the show (car/truck/bike).

ill be goin if anybody wants to come with ?



dude we can set up a booth…

i know pretty much every singl person that will be there…

me / you / sasha / adam etc…

it’ll be SCIK



If I am not going to montreal then I will also join you guys.

i got a huge tent we can use also, your can put two cars under it and other stuff also


Well since I missed the Niagra run, I’ll have to join in.

let me know


show ends at 6…

it is about 10 minutes frm my restaruant…

perhaps niagara meet 2004 II ???

Count me in for Niagra meet II / Scrape.

I would definatly like to come out to it I will just have to ask for the day off to make sure I can be there the whole time.

I’ll should be able to show bing, sounds like a good afternoon of cars. And dinner in the evening sounds awsome.


Id be there…

I am there.
lets get this confermed

this looks like it is a go…

all we have to do is register for the show…

the buffet afterwards is not a problem.

perhaps we should discuss menu options.