Introductions - New users please post intros here


hey guys some of u have met me at some of the meets i usually come with wil (soulitude)

I have the black Fc on grams


Hey there!

I own a 89 SX track car, a 350 roadster as well as a 1971 240Z RB20DET.

The track car is for lapping and last week I blew the rings out of cylinder 2 and 3 at Mosport. It ran an ultra cheap home made turbo setup. Stock everything, no intercooler, and a Z31 turbo…stock injectors and a stanza ECU.

Looking for a new block or 2 and hope to learn something from the members!



name: brian
location: hamilton
car: 92 240 coupe



Not that new of a member… but i didnt see this section before! Names Jordan… from the gta. I have 2 240’s… red '89 hatch (for sale, stock) and a black '97…

I’m hoping that memeber will be able to provide some solutions to problems that i run into…



i;ve been a member for a while now but i’ve never seen this before
my name is Andrew
from Milton and i have a 89 dark blue hatch all stock for now


Wats up,
My name is Calvin and Im from the mississauga- etobicoke area. I’ve been to a couple of the son240 events, like Bings niagara meet last year and the SON spring opener. I plan on headin down to Bing’s niagara meet again this year, hopefully I’ll have my s14 (fingers crossed) by then, cause im driving a shitbox now. :/:


Hi, my name is Sunny. I’ve been here for a while just browsing. I live in the GTA and I drive a 96 240sx.


hi son240
i have been lurking around for a while
my name is mickey…i dont drive a 240…but i do like nissans
i drive a 00 honda accord…and its black…as per my sn


lol hi


have an R32 GTR


^^o Hai


name’s Jeff
Been lurking for a couple years and figured it’s time to introduce myself.

Live in Waterloo and drive a '97 240.


Hi All,

My name is Joe T and I’ve been competing in motorsports for over 23 years. (Yes I’m an old fart).

A bit about myself: (aside from the long walks on the beach type of scenario, LOL)
Family guy
2 kids
3 cars (all Subaru’s, Tribeca, Legacy Gt, SVX)
White picket fence
2 dogs
Supportive wife
Workaholic & Workahobbiest

Giant Scale RC Airplanes, Freestyle Aerobatics
Racing in KOTH, Autoslalom, Time Attacks etc.

The “Family Sedan”:
2000 Legacy Gt
EJ25 Engine with:
Forged Wiseco Pistons (pretty close to 10:1 compression)
Eagle Rods
ACL Bearings
JA Cams (Japanese Auto, Custom Cams)
SOHC Heads
Custom A/O Recovery system (
850cc Injectors
Custom TD06H-20G Turbo (Slowboy Racing)
Maxim works manifold
Cusco engine mounts
6 Speed Transmission
Bully 4 Puck ceramic clutch (Best clutch in the business)
Fluidyne Radiator
Autronic Standalone EMS
Blitz SBCID-II Boost Controller
Crucial Racing thermostat
R180 Differential
DSS Axles
Custom 3" Exhaust with 2 resonators, 1 big muffler with OEM looking turned down tips (
Custom Hot-Bits coilovers

Proud poppa of 2 very lovely kidlettes
CASC-OR FSP Class champion for many years except for 2 when I came 2nd (blew up car)… LOL
KOTH King of the Hill at Barrie Speedway many times
President / co-founder of SPDA - Most progressive grassroots motorsports organization
Creator of the Grassroots contingency program giving the regular guy access to over 16K of giveaways, plus discounts to many many things.
Generally a nice guy, with a sense of humour.

Interesting video(s)

Legacy doing qualifying runs at the KOTH: Qualifying for seed time at a typical King of the Hill. Our target under normal circumstances is to qualify mid pack so you get more runs. This was done at the lowest boost setting, nice sounds and pops coming out of the exhaust during shifts.

2008 WRX vs Legacy GT: This was during a Dealer invitiation event, Mike Davenport of Davenport Subaru asked to put on a good show and let him get the launch. We happilly obliged, listen to the announcer… LOL

See y’all at the track!!


Welcome to the sickness Joe T.


dustin from belleville, lookin for a 240 or 180, hopin to find one soon.


Ryan from Oakville.

new here, most of my time spent on gtrc.

R32 GT-R soon.


dave from GTRC as well.

own a 93 GTR but always had interest in S13’s.


Hi Everyone

I’m from the Hamilton Area

I drive a black 1990 coupe


Name : Mustapha
Age : 20
Gatineau, Qc

180sx JDM RHD SR20DET Red-top
3" exhaust
Super Advan Racing Rims V2
Blitz BoV
3" Intake
Nardi Steering Wheel
Greddy turbo gauge
HKS turbo timer
Tokico strut/Eibach lowering springs
Power everything

thats about it…

P.S: looking for FMIC


hey i’m mike i own 2 1990 240sx and one 96 240 both 1990s are red and 96 black


Hi I’m Mark
Never noticed this section before, kinda reminds me of a grade in school I forgot about where we stand up in front of the class and say an awkward piece about ourselves

A bit about me - I’m glad Micheal Jackson is dead - one less pedophile to worry about.

I own a 92’ Nissan 240SX SE, it’s gutted, not running, and maybe never will. Call it a garage ornament, maybe I’ll stick a flatscreen on the hood and play an oldschool Gran Turismo for fun.

Anyone ever notice that the people selling parts in the “Parts for Sale” section don’t really care that they fuck people over on a consistent basis? Or maybe it’s just me…