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yooo, My name is Shawn i live in florida, just an hour north of tampa. i drive a 93 240sx hatch. not much has been done to it. just rims, spacers and a jdm center piece lol. and 180sx stickers on the side. people ask if i converted it to left hand drive(yeah theres some real fools out there). i have plans to add some flares to it, i have lots of parts for my car i just have to get off my ass and install them . :cool:


hey my names corey, ive been signed up to the site for quite a while now, its been pretty helpful. but i just never got around to introducing myself. i got a silver 89 coupe with a redtop sr and i live in brampton


Hey all.
My name is Dan and I drive a skyline gts-t. looking to maybe trade it for an s14 soon.


hey, names… freddy… from ottawa own a s14


Hey everyone, I’m 20 years old in September and I live in Toronto (downtown) during the school year, and I live in Guelph in the summer. I am a student/researcher/teacher at Ryerson University in the Medical Physics Dept. I just bought a black 1993 240, and had a 1990 240 from last year… I am planning on having a track 240 with the 1JZ swap. Just sold the 1993.


oh and I have a 1991 red parts car, so if anyone needs any part let me know.


hi i am jeannie…im 37 from hamilton area. my son has just started racing in a ministock division …he races a 89 nisssan 240sx…a friend of mine recommmended this site when i was askin him for advice on stuff to do with our car … hope to make a few connections here for advice to help us get the most out of the car this season… :slight_smile:


Hi all, My name is Stefan, I’m 26 years old, I was a member of the London Auto Club for a couple of years leading up to last year when I moved.

I’m currently living in Virginia Beach, Ontario, which is just north of Newmarket, on the South side of Lake Simcoe.

I was a registered automotive service technician apprentice, but have moved out of the field in favour of working on boats instead… I have a full tool chest at home and work on mine and my friends cars as a hobby at this point.

For the last 3 years I’ve been driving a gently modded Acura Integra (Lowered on 17" Rims, custom 2" exhaust (cat back, done at my old shop), Stage II Clutch, Stereo)

My car was taken tragically from me this past Monday when a little old lady in a Ford Escort decided to run a red light and T-Bone me doing 60km/h… just got word yesterday that that car is officially being written off, just have to wait for an offer.

Luckily I escaped with only a stiff neck and a back injury, it could have been far worse, but as it is, I cannot work for a while until I get better (back to 100%) as my job is quite physically demanding.

I’ve always been a fan of 240’s and now that I’m in the market for a new car, I figured I’d look for one of them. Preference is going to S14 especially in 97-98 trimmings.

Anyways, I suppose that’s enough of a ramble… here’s a few pics of my car… before, after, and after crash (I realize its a 240 forum and not an integra forum, but everyone likes pics… and one of them has a friends old S13 in it.)

When I got her:


Lowered and Rims:

After Accident (with different Rims on):

Hopefully the next time I picture whore… it will be of my new 240 :wink:



im Pete and have a mostly stock 95 s14 base model with abs :slight_smile:
just moved back from the US and am now in St Catharines…importing the car right now…

looking to do some autocrossing and track days and improving the setup of the car while at it…


Hi guys,

I’m coming to Toronto for vacation soon and therfore I wanted to collect some useful informations bout the scene and the shops … but in another topic (maybe when heaving permission). I was advised by Adam to register to this community for finding help (but feeling little bit more helpless now) … :wink:

I own a '98 Nissan S14a Silvia (in Germany it is a 200SX as Z-Edition) and a '95 Mazda Xedos V6 as daily driver.

These are the specs (spring 2009):

Stage 1 S14a 200SX Z-Edition (SR20DET 2nd generation)

Exterior stock Z-Edition (18" OZ Supertourismo + Eiback 30mm springs + …) only 200 made, my is no 117.
3" HMS-Catback
100 cell cat.
3" Downpipe
2,75" elbow
GT28R Ni-Resist (0,8bar, mechanical BC)
Greddy Type-LS FMIC
Tial BOV
DJ’s custom intake
Wolf’s custom throttle
Greddystyle oil pan
Mocal oil-cooler
R32 GT-R brakes on front
JDM climatronic
RAID HP gauges
Dynotune’s LC-1 wideband lambda (currently not working correctly)

Ready to install:
Nismo super copper cluch
Nismo 555 injectors
Z32 AFM + wires
Power FC

pics (autumn 2008 8) ):




wow, nice kouki!!
welcome to son240sx!!


i am matt, and currently looking to sell my gsx-r to get myself an S13.
i stumbled onto this club and have been reading threads constant picking up advice, and great project ideas for my car. hopefully i will have one and some pics to put up soon!!

Ps if anybody knows of a couple or any shops that import S13’s or at least S13 front clips. that would be great to know, i found only one or two and it would be nice to have a larger selection if there is one.


hey my name is ben i’m from hamilton and i drive a gtir
-2.5 inch exhaust
-tubular manifold
-garrett 60-1 turbo@12psi for now
-BC coilovers
-electronic boost controller
-wideband a/f guage etc.


Hey Mathew, that’s a great looking 200sx you have there.
I hope to see you on our East End meets on Kennedy Commons soon.
Welcome to son240sx buddy.



mm euro spec

Welcome Mathew!

Check out our Meets & Events section for info on the latest get togethers.


my name is geoff
i live in barrie
i am 18
i dont currently have a 240, but i am looking. i want a coupe


hey everyone… my name’s sandra, and i’m here on son240 to lurk… :stuck_out_tongue:
i have an 09 fit that some of you may have already seen at shannonville (it’s a perfect 240 support car), and a 93 prelude srv… i love cars and i hope to have my own 240 someday…
but for now, i help take care of polishprince and polak240sx’s 240s whenever i can!
i look forward to meeting more son members in the future! :slight_smile:


i wonder how hard it is to source euro stuff, i never see anyone with euro badges or the rear section of the s14 bumper… i personally dont like it too too much, but then again i have never seen it done properly before…

obviously in Germany it is easy lol… maybe new trend ? EDM yoooo


Sup, its Brandan.
I just bought a black 93 coupe like 2 days ago.
Its auto atm but i’m hoping to swap it once its on the road.
Still in highschool and stuff, live in oshawa. What else?