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Usually the rear section in europe is similar to the us, but the licenceplate-area. The rear lip on my car is OEM and limitet to 1000 pieces (200 in Z-Editions and 800 in Racing-Editions). You can’t order it anywhere, so used lips get sold for 400$ anywhere and anytime. So I’m not the only one, who thinks this lip is best fitting rear lip for stock bodykit.


Hey guys, my name is Shane. My name on here is pretty dumb not gunna lie but the SSR Professor is a nice looking rim :stuck_out_tongue: I’m dead set on getting a 240sx ASAP I just need to save up a few more bucks for it. Looking forward to meeting some cool people. I already ran into one member at a gas station a little while ago, has one of the sickest 240’s I’ve ever seen in my life, never got his name tho :frowning:


Whats up guys?

My name is Patrick, I’m from Richmond Hill… nickg has got me addicted to the s chassis again with the help of his friend Ivan…

I currently drive a 95 honda civic hatch in harvard Blue pearl… some of you may have seen it at the Richmond Hill meets on fridays… Not sure what is going on with it and what I’m doing to it… but these s chassis are becoming more and more appealing…

That’s about it I guess… Later


^^ haha FOGUL!!!

any wya names jordon, ive been into the oldschool civics, (ef,da) and just tryin to expand my horizions so to speak, currently i drive with two feet and a heart beat cuz im wicked like that.

other than that i live in barrie, tryin to find me a nice 240 thats not completley molested,
been checkin out the f/s threads and theres some nice cars up in there, hah.

but if anyone from JDMR is on here, they should already kinda know who i am,

thats all for now :stuck_out_tongue:


That rear bumper + lip is awesome. Definitely one of the rarest things I’ve seen on an S14.


hey name’s marvin
i drive a '93 240sx hatch
i live in scarborough
btw i’m em5ive’s bro


whats up guys, names Ren i currently drive a 03 impreza wrx but i will soon be buying my cousins Zenki S14 just here to do some research/buy parts for my new project


names simon…been lurking this site for a while trying to get info on these cars…hoping to buy my 240 before winter so i have somthing fun to drive


Howdy boys and girls! :smiley:

I’ve probably got an old username kicking around (I forgot my password).
I drive an 02 subaru impreza (2.5rs). I love it to death, but I like the idea of having a track car too, so feel free to send me sale links, lol.

Hope to hangout with you guys a couple times a year and maybe see you guys at shows and/or track meets! Cheers!


Hey guys.
Car…sort of in between. mine broke down. just kinda signed up cause everyone says theres alot of drifters in here. any drifters willing to tell me whats what in TO’s scene, just pm.


Just keep your eye on the club meets and events section of the forum, all drift events are posted in there with info needed if you want to attend.


Hi all,

Im Eric representing scarborough area.
I appeared at one of the East-End meets at KC and met quite alot of people with basically the same interest I do.

I currently drive a Black 95 240sx. Planning on swapping the engine and putting on a body kit. I just ordered a set of Tein suspensions springs to drop it a couple inches and hopefully get the oppurtunity to bring it to the tracks one day. Any sort of help is welcome and definitely appreciated.

At the moment, I’m looking to do a Kouki conversion and want to know what the cost would be for the headlights/fenders/hood etc.



How has noone taken the username Nissan240sx prior to today!


Just got a `93 hatch. SR20DET convo when I bought it. Live outside of Barrie area.


Hey Folks,

My name is Erick. My new neighbour Bryce reffered me to this site. I have a 93 240sx SE. I don’t know too much abotu cars. But I want to learn more. I’ve had my 240 for 3 years, it has 158,000 km and it just beginning to rust below the spoiler.


Hallo everyone! Nice to see creative people comming together, looks like we not only race and drift, but also make our iron horses:) I’m Den, it’s a pleasure to meet you guys, I’v gotta blk 240, 93, on which lots of people have been workin to fix all what we have occasionaly done to it:)


Hey what’s goin’ on, my names Derek I’m 28 and I’m located in Niagara Falls. I have two 95 240s’ .


s13 hicas LE beater.
looking for parts.


Hi im nathan and im 17 i’ve been coming on here for a while now to learn about 240’s and look for parts. I have 2 s13’s (one’s a parts car with an sr20det). I’m currently taking all good parts from the parts car and putting them in a shell I bought because the underbody is gone on the parts car.

Here are some pics


I drive a 01 dodge neon
i’m looking for a '93 240sx decent condition.