Introductions - New users please post intros here


forgot to add,
im looking for a project 93 240sx hatch.
looking no rust on frame but a little bit is okay for fenders, bumpers, etc.
not looking to spend a bundle since im in school and am not working.
i had a 200sx but had to get rid of it because no space in garage.


I dont think i ever introduced myself,

My name is Marcin i drive a 87 Mazda Rx7 and i live in Etobicoke and im 21.


Mitch, Just moved to Oshawa For School. Currently going into 2nd year Automotive Eng. in UOIT.
Have a 92 240sx LE with a silvia conversion and RB20DET swap. A real Sleeper… Looks like shit ha ha, Going to do body work this winter.


Hey everyone my names matt

im 18 years old i live in mississauga

I own a 2000 honda civic sir , hopeing to switch to nissan soon!


I am the newest newie as of now I guess…

I live in Sudbury ON.
Drive a '93 S13 Coupe
Finally found a “Ontario” site for 240’s!!


Name: Rob
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Canadian
Location: Etobicoke
What I do: When im not working im out driving my car. I’ve been into cars since i was really young,and mostly into honda’s.But back in the day i had a 240 sx , sold it for a civic, and now im trying my luck again with nissan. i recently picked up a 1990 r32 gts-t, and am currently lovin it.


Hey my name is Kevin i don’t have a 240sx but i did just recently buy a 1992 nissan skyline gtst rb20det and i live in Markham


Name: Dan
Age: 21
Location: Mississauga

Hey, joined up last night, and looking to get more info on building and swapping a 240. Currently drive an 04 STI. Looking for a new project, well my first project :smiley: Any ideas / info would be great. I look forward to talking and meeting with people.


Name: Andrew
Location: Barrie

Hey, new to the site, friend recommended it. Don’t have a 240 yet, but looking for one, any info would be great. Preferably 91’ -93’ hatchback and auto if possible


Name: Cody
Age: 19
Location: Ottawa
Car: 1993 Nissan 180sx


Name: Steve
Age: 23
Car: 90 nissan 240sx w/ CA18DET (track car)
Car: 91 nissan 240sx (stock DD)

hey guys im new to this site, just wanted to sign in to this forum and see if someone up north can help me with a parts situation for my Coupe

i hope to learn a bit more here and there…


hey everyone my name is steve and i am 24 years old and i am from london ontario…i have a 96 mazda mx6 and i am trading it for a nissan 240sx…not sure of the year of it right now…maybe some of you will know from the pics…i am co-owner of a new car club called (being changed to check it out if you would like to…i dont know too much about the 240sx right now but i do know that i want to swap an SR20DEt into eventually…i have always been a fan of the 240sx and i cant wait to start driving it …anyways here are some pics of the 240 that i am trading my mazda for


my names anthony
i’m form strathroy
i have a 1991 240sx
and a 1996 civic


Hey all. Im Louis, Im from Ottawa.
I drive a 1992 240sx


Deryk 30


1969 Beetle

waiting on farmer to possible pick up his skyline :cool:


Hey guys
Firstly I daily drive a white 92 hatch with a couple of mods
-Tien S tech lowering springs +kyb GR2
-Q45 front brake swap
- Vlsd rear end (yes this is a mod in the US that Canadains get as a feeebie
Cash is tieght for the university student so I havent gotten much further

I actually live in Michigan just outside of Detroit but I grew up in in Richmond Hill. I frequently come back to town to vist the folks and the one or two buddies that I still talk to. I had no idea that the 240 scene was so big here untill recently. 240’s and other such imports are not looked on so fondly in the motor city(drive domestic is what they say).

in addition to the 240 I have a 1978 Nova with a LSx 427 that I am working on for drag racing.

I hope the 240 comuinity here is as welcoming as it is back home.


hey all,

Kitchener, ON

I’m Pyro, just totaled a '91 240sx now i got a '93 240sx that i plan on fully rebuilding! Hopefully, i will find some useful technical information on here.



My name is Alex I’m 16 years old from Mississauga, Ontario. Was suggested to this forum by a friend of mine to look into an S13 that I will hopefully be buying around August. I’m really interested in the sport of drifting and hope to meet some of you guys some day at the track.


Finally someone around my age haha!


hey guys
names matt and im 20
from brampton

currently driving a 2000 chevy s10 but it is on the market, i have a few friends with 240s and really want to pick one up so i figured this is the best place to look. hopefully this chevy sells soon!