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Welcome to Thunderdome!


whats goin on

names Shea (Shay) live in milton, got a trip. black 96 240sx
couple motor upgrades, staggered impulRC wheels
lookin for a shop in the GTA to do a rb26dett swap for me
pm me if you know anywhere or jus post it for me, thanks


o hai
I drive a civic and it is fast. (not.)
looking to pick up a 240 for winter dorifto?! ;D


welcome all, lots of new members recently


hey guys, name’s Danny.
i’m 27 and live in woodbridge.
I was on this forum about 4 years ago when i had my first car, a black pignose fastback… had teardrops in front with 7 spoke rear.
i also had a jsp carbon 3d wing, modified altezza tail light, front and rear strut tower brace, gr2 struts, intake, exhaust, and mild head port…with an open diff…

I also used to hard park it at the east and west end meets… talked alot of great people on the forum…

till some old lady wrote it off…

im gonna build a propper one in the near future and just wanted to get back in the swing of things…



92 GTR


lol little late but my name is braden
im 18 years old,live in oshawa
have a 93 hatch with a pignose front bumper
solid subframe bushing,bings traction rods,rear hicas rack removed,3" straight pipe,stage 2 clutchmasters clutch,hud display swap,abs removed,powersteering removed,ac removed,cruise removed,welded diff
-mods to come 180sx side skirts/rear valance,rb20det t28 turbo:),painting it white with violet pearl and candy purple and chrome work miesters


hey im mike
i am from Waterloo Ont.
i drive a subaru forester and i need some diamond wheels
16x9 0 offset, 5x100


hey, I’m Nic
from Ottawa
I’m 17 and looking to buy a 240 in the next few months


Hi All, name is William
From Alberta and looking to move out to Toronto the next year or so
I own an import company out this way and have quite a bit of experience with the JDM’s and such. Any questions regarding that feel free to ask. Hope I can contribute some positive on the boards here.



My name is George and Im an alcoholic…damn it wrong forum


Hey guys.

Not really new here, but never formally introduced myself.
Names Graeme (obviously). From Waterloo, finishing up at conestoga college this year.
22 years young.

I’m rocking an IS300 these days, and it shall be out drifting next summer.


wadup everbody

names luke im 18 i gotta 95 s14 with an sr swap
navan front bumper
pulling the motor as i need to do a rear main seal so first real work being done im gonna put a two step rev limiter and rocker arm stoppers arp headstuds and new cometic metal head gasket for next summer
live in hamilton


im mike, i drive a subaru forester.

and i need some diamond wheels for my monster.


watz up guys names chris love, got a 91 240 gettin it ripped apart to build a machine, got a 01 prelude just as a daily, and got a 87 camaro iroc to keep me always comin back to the muscle


That forester looks dope lol!



mat from toronto (close to downtown)
24 years of age
got a lime green (or some kind of green) ps13 silvia
seen some nice cars in this forum!

btw i ran into a guy at York University (keele campus) driving a grey r32 gts (this was around august maybe, late summer i dont remember) pulled up beside him in my silvia told me he was on this forum who are you!


sup son

i use to own 02 qx4 platinum-sold
currently on my quest to buy a s14


names jake
from chatham ontario
refered by 2fourtijordi because he sais i need a nissan instead of honda


hi there, my name is Sam. I live in Kitchener and drive a red 1990 240 hatch. Completely stock at the moment but will be looking to upgrade it sooner or later.