Introductions - New users please post intros here


hey everybody, i just picked up a black 93 s13 hatch.

My head’s still spinning from looking through all the threads and reading on more about these cars.

in the westend of the GTA


my name is mike, red coupe like poop




name is Brandon, i have an 02 WRX with a few mods and planning a few more in the spring which are collecting dust.

the car currently has a 6 speed, and a very angry center diff that i have to fix before race season.

anyway heres some pics of the car.

winter mode

p.s. im not affiliated with guelphracing, thats just a pic from there site

summer set up

my drifting experience, lol burning off some old rt-615s…lol


Hi name is Ste, and i take pictures :slight_smile:


I’m saving this picture on my hard drive in case if I ever need to make fun of you in the future.
Every internet user learns at one point or another, NEVER post a pic of yourself :smiley:


lol meh, doesn’t bother me.


hey guys. and gals
name is kisho and im 20…
not a owner of a car yet, but really interested in the 240
my buddy showed me the site, and i hope to own a 240 real soon ( 94+ 240sx kouki style, sr motor and a SIMPLE look.) not too much i think lol


Hey guys,

My name is Simon. I’m turning 21 in 24 days. I drive a 1997 240sx that I brought up from the states. She is currently stock but I’m gathering parts to go KA-T this summer.


wud up SON

name is gobi
Im 19yrs old
Live in Brampton
i own a blue 1990 240SX hatchback
I joined this forum to learn more about 240s



Name is Len - owned a 92 LE many years ago and want to get back into this great car - Anyone know anything about the 90 LE for sale in Kijiji for $5500 with no spoiler and HUD? Owner says it has 164K with auto and leather (heated seats?). Thanks in advance.


Hey everybody! long time lurker just stated posting here and there recently. It’s been brought to my attention that I should introduce myself cough S13counterpart cough lol thanks man. Names Brian I’m 25 turning 26 in april… god I’m old! I live in good ol’ Barrie. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee… lol that’s right. I joined up because I had intentions of getting something going for this coming season… not to sure if that’s gunna happen now… although I know where SlidewaysRPS13 is keeping his s13 slut while he’s off gallivanting in Australia trying to find Mad Max. anywho like what I see here, seems to be a solid place and hopefully soon you’ll all be seeing me around the tracks


names cory
93 hatch sr20
grew up ass a kid in the passanger seat of a ka-t… only a given i would be in a s-chassis one day


Welcome Brian…
The majority of the people here a stand up guys.,

Its nice to see someone else from Barrie. There aren’t many of us.

Ben is a lucky bastard. I wish I was in Australia… Aussie ladies… Mmmmmmmm Aussie acent… Mmmmmmm…


Hey all, name is Dennis, I have two 89 hatch`s that I will be using for circle track racecars that will be racing weeky at southern ontario paved oval tracks.I will be needing some bolt on parts(suspension/steel wheels/tie rods/4 bolt stuff) and will have a couple of complete interiors/lights/glass etc available for trades.


Work with adam? I want to come see the cage you guys built sounds crazy!


Sorry,you got me mixed up with someone else.I dont know anyone named Adam.


Hi son, my name is Brandon, i’m 20 live in Kitchener, owned bunch of Hondas and a 300zx, hoping to make my first S chassis purchase this weekend, very excited. Hoping to soon swap in an sr20 with the help of the amazing guys @ union.


Hey, my name is Chris. Im 25 and I live in Burlington and drive a 91 240sx


Hey guys, you can probably figure out my name.
I’m 24, from Williamsville, outside of Buffalo. I’ve been hanging out on this site since the merger…NYspeed is blocked at work for now so I need to get my procrastination fix. Currently rocking a Trailblazer SS, stock other than intake, tune, and 100 / 150 wet shot depending on how fast I feel like going.