Red 1990 Nissan KRS-13, Ya ya’ll know what the K stands for 8) . Light mods (HKS Cat-Back, Blitz steel air filter, Apex’I BOV, JIC Suspension, Full Roll Cage) BTW I realize nobody has posted here for awhile but I figured what the hey! And I think my car must have been in a bad accident cuz my steering wheel got pushed all the way to the passenger side :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate that, the same thing happened to me!


Hey Im Drew

drive a 92 240SX w/hicas and a SR swap just stock right now just a front mount and a Bomex Lip

:partyman: everyone


Heya how’s it going? My name’s Lee, I just moved down to Edmonton last week. . .from Yellowknife. I drive a 95 s14, it’s sitting at autodream now getting some cosmetics done to it. I work up at Snap Lake in the N.W.T. and i’m on a 4 week in / 2 week out rotation. Can’t wait to meet people in Edmonton, go to events, cruises and competitions. Hit me up on msn!



Welcome to the NECC, Lee! :smiley:


Hi i’m Jordan. Don’t have my car yet, but by the end of the week I will be driving a red 1991 240sx LE. Will be getting my NECC membership shortly there after :smiley:


Hey guys, did the deed at the June 25 Track day, so I’m a member now. I feel pretty darn old around all you young guys with my family hauler (Altima SE-R), wish I still had my '90 240SX, but the grocery getter is holding its own at the track days. Got the Tein springs, AEM CAI, and my strut tower brace and camber adjustment kit are on their way!

You guys are doing a great job with the track days, very good courses, keep it up!


Hey Colin! Thanks for joining up! :smiley:

Nothing wrong with a grocery getter! There are some 4 door Spec 5’s around here that can hold their own on the track! Besides, the SE-R is a hella nice car! :E


And you forget the 2 First Gen Altis that somehow still keep around, with out us the SE-R never would be… Colin, will you trade me for your SE-R??? PLEASE!?


And you forget the 2 First Gen Altis that somehow still keep around, with out us the SE-R never would be… Colin, will you trade me for your SE-R??? PLEASE!?[/quote]

Sorry, gonna hang on to my baby for a while yet - she’s just getting broken in! I’ll take you for a ride at one of the track days tho’. :muffy:



180sx CA

new to nissans. old car was a 92 civic hatch. was turbo’d for a bit but its gone now


Hey, im Curt

91 Skyline GTS T Type m


Welsome guys… Start a thread in Introductions and show some pics of your cars.


will see what i can do…just looks like any other 180sx out on the street right now :stuck_out_tongue:


hey im Tim, i drive a 1986 MR2 and a 1991 toyota Pick-up for winter. im trying to sell the MR2 to buy my favorite car the silvia k



Im Geoff,
Drive a very LOUD 90’ Red S13


im Curtis
I drive a really clean 90’ 300zx
pearl white


what do u use to clean it, to get it so clean?

haha jk, welcome to the club.


hey im derek, i got a 1991 nissan skyline gts-t

dont have any pics yet shes stuck in vancouver :frowning:
just gathering some info and stuff together

ill put pics up as soon as she gets here :E


so im guessing from ur name its not black? :lol: welcome to the club mang hope to see you at a meet if i get my shit back together