Yep! Sumaru’s patched up the rust, made new wheel wells, painted the car (stock black to daytona blue), popped out the dents, sanded down the key scrathches, and put the kit on.


im kent
gold s13 coupe
black fender and hood
noisy exhaust :oops:


That color looks really good on the car.



Canada Red 1991 Nissan 240SX LE Super Hicas, Leather, Sunroof… the works.
I cruise the beaches of Sylvan on a regular basis, so come on down and join me.
I should be buying a friends 1987 Nissan regular cab 4x4 (Yellow) shortly - Winter Vehicle.


I’m Nick I drive a fairly well moded 04 Spec V and I look forward to seeing some cars out at Hawrlak Park In Edmonton on the 16th.


names Jeff

95’ 240sx with a RB20DET skyline R32 engine


I’m Marlowe, and I like Nissan products.


Hey Marlowe, how are those axles holding up for you? :E


Hey Marlowe, how are those axles holding up for you? :E[/quote]

:o oh that car is holding together now. :rolleyes: and it should for awhile. :E :rofl


Hello, i’m new. Let’s celebrate! :partyman:


:drinkers: Sure thing and Welcome


Welcome the the NECC!


Hi there everybody!

Im Renee

1989 Nissan Skyline
3" exhaust, 17" Enki Rims, HKS air, Centerforce stage 2 dual plate clutch, bodykit, lots more…



Welcome to the boards!!


Yeah…I’d like to see your car in person dude, looks very nice. :slight_smile:

Not so convinced on the pink writing though. :wink:


ya i know, i was just trying it out… i think i like the purple better anyways

I posted more pictures in the "your rides’ section, take a look if you want, i live in calgary so it might be hard to see it in person

how do i become a member?


now kris adress her in the proper manner :lol: not dude ahah

anyways talk to Aaron (SRBURG13) and he can help ya out with that


Pardon me Josh…just so used to it being a sausage fest around here. :smiley:

Actually, you can come meet us at Driven to Perform Calgary on May 28th - a whole gaggle of us are going to be there. :slight_smile:


thanks :smiley:


damn i wanted to enter that so bad… oh well im going to be at SCN so i guess thats ok. Ill definetly see you there though!