haha nope its whitee :smiley:

i cant wait for it!!!


im dan
i drive a 240sx
soon to be sold


Hi I’m Shawn I have been out to a few events last year with my bright yellow nitrous Mini cooper S, Some may remember but other not…oh well. Over the winter i imported a Skyline and changed out the twin turbo to a single T88 :rolleyes: . I live out of town but I love driving wiht other people who love driving.


Drayton Valley! Nice … that’s where my grandparents are. Three Knights steak FTW! I manage to get out there about once a year for family visits, but haven’t seen anything on the roads other than jacked up diesel trucks.


The Park, recently purchased B16 2.0S with M6 speed. Hope to see some of you guys this summer!


Hi I’m Justin, I recently bought a 91 black 180sx. Love it. Love driving it with no destination, would love to meet up some time soon. Driving alone is boring.


Welcome to NECC. Official meets are over for the year however spur of the moment meets can sometimes be found by watching the forums. If its nice out put a post up for a possible meet/cruise to gauge interest and see if anyone wants to meet up


Alright sounds good. That gives me time to learn about my car. I know close to zip about it. Won’t be driving it during the winter though.


Hey … name is Rhyle im new to the site and to the import scene…

My first and only ride so far is a blue 1990 jdm s13 just got it at the end of last winter from japan… if anyone lives on the north side of edmonton id like to get a little meet goin…




welcome to the site!


Welcome to the site!


good to see you found the flyer I left for you in the glove box, welcome to the site


hey my names jono
i drive err i mean im currently building an s13 so i guess my rides the bus lol.


Welcome… Add some pics when you get time


oh yea will do.


Name is Dan, currently became a member and just finished swapping a sr20 into my 240 :smiley:




Hello everyone. Just saw this site from the 780 Tuners site. Pretty cool lookiing. I’ll post up some pictures just as soon as I am allowed or I figure it out on my own. My ride is a 2009 370z.