Awsome ride man. Welcome.


Hey guys after what seems like an eternity I am back to the forums. This time sporting a Z


How long before its beat to shit? LOL Just joking Ken. I want to see pics


Welcome back!


I don’t think I ever introduced myself. I’m Anthony, just bought a 1991 240sx. It’s light green with beige interior. Plan is to install an SR20 in it over the winter, just doing suspension, brakes, and rims/tires right now. It helps that I work at a local Nissan dealership I guess! I also have a 1998 Cherokee 2 Door as a winter beater


Welcome to the forums!


hi, my name is jon, i have been lurking and a member of this forum for a while but never really posted anything. i dont currently own a nissan but am on the hunt for a 240 for the summer. i currently drive a 98 gti


Wus Uuuup. The names Brandon. I’ve known about this forum for a while now. I’ve popped my head in here and there. Decided to sign up. So far, I Don’t post much, but as a member now, this forum seems cool.

I love the locality of this forum. Seems like everybody knows everybody. Hopefully, if things go well for me this year, I’ll be able to come out to some meets and as many track days as my wallet will allow. Match some names to faces. Anyway. I guess that’s my introduction for now. Doesn’t seem like anybody introduces themselves often on here anyway but…meh.



welcome welcome. :slight_smile:



1996 Toyota Glanza
(Used to own R32 Gts-t)
(Used to own 1993 S13)