iPad mini vs full size iPad

Has anyone used both?

I have a kindle fire, and nexus 7 both but im really looking for an alternative for a laptop to give presentations and random business tasks.

I’m leaning towards the full size ipad since I assume typing is easier

thoughts? suggestions?

Full size. The mini is too small to be usable, IMO. I replaced my Toshiba laptop with a full size wi-fi iPod a month ago and won’t go back.

I mean, if you had a purse you had to carry it around in, sure…

The keyboard should be fine without Andre the Giant hands either way. I would say the mini screen is too small and the rez is not very nice to look at generally speaking.

I too would recommend the full-sized. Using both, I feel the full-sized just feels better.

I think if you’re going to be using a laptop often, the mini is the way to go. If you’re looking to spend less time on a laptop, then the full size is the way to go.

I can type super fast on my ipad if I use both hands. I THINK I would be much slower on an ipad mini.

We have a full size 3rd Gen, used a friend’s mini a few weeks ago and just felt too small.

i would recommend a note 2 instead of the ipad since you are already used to the android and IMO its a much more capable device

With out getting into an entire debate im curious what makes it more capable?

I like the mini better, easier to balance when typing because your hands are closer together. The less weight means its less top heavy. The screen size is no big deal, considering it is much bigger than the one on the phone that I use all the time.


I like both, made the suggestion based off your current products.

far as what you can do with a tablet I would say the Android is cheaper for apps and much easier to modify if need be. Widgets etc

Right on, my dad has the mini and i have the full size. I like the mini better, much lighter and easier to hold.

Ended up with a mini if I hate it will give it the wife and go full size…

next up useful suggestions on apps for taking notes and being productive?

Like for school wise?

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Take notes in meeting or at conferences

I have used both pretty extensively and if you are going to be doing presentations standing up holding the ipad in your hands the mini is far better suited for that, but the kb on the full sized is a lot easier to type on when sitting down.

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MS OneNote is supposedly good.

Also Notability (does PDF annotations) and Notes Plus get mentions for there handwriting ability also

I use MS OneNote for work and love it. It’s very smooth and syncing online so you can access it with any device is killer. Not to mention the ease of dropping in files, pictures, making tables, etc. I’ve completely stopped using a paper notebook at work.

Evernote is pretty nice. I wish they had a better touch mechanism so you could use a realistic stylus and just write notes. The stylus out there have such a fat tip that writing looks special ed’ish.

I think the big difference is the mini is smaller than the normal iPad.