IRWIN International CXT coming to town...

And you thought the F-650 was big. This thing is 10’6" to the top of the stack, has full leather interior and a 15" DVD player/monitor.

If anybody wants to check it out, I should be at “O” on Saturday night and the Sunday night GTG at Taffy’s.

there is a yellow one locally isn’t there?

we so have to go follow that bills player’s F650 around chippewa… make him feel inadequate.

Jaeger I was going to have people over Sat before O but I have no clue where in the world you will be able to park that thing at my house… But I’m sure we can squeeze her in on the front lawn

Maybe [/typicaldozerresponce]

thats an f650, pretty sure this is bigger :headbang:

No, Jack’s right, it was in the International Showroom on Walden for months, but now it’s gone.


The yellow truck you see around Buffalo is most likely the Ford F 650. There was a yellow CXT at the International dealer a while back, so that may be roaming around.

The CXT is definitely bigger though and more obnoxious.

Oh and Eric, Im driving in from Charlotte and probably wont arrive into Buffalo until 10 or 11pm.

Jager’s ballin in the big blue!

lol… i was pretty sure it was an international. I’ve seen plenty of 650s

I hate that thing

Its cool to cruise around in I guess, bigger than semis

Love the pic with the spitfire

You just hate it, cause it can poop all over you!

that yellow 650 is the guy that owns brauns

do you need a CDL to rock that thing?

I think its like the biggest truck you can rock without a CDL like 100lbs more or something and you would have to get one to drive it

dont need a comm driver lisc to drive it. So what does it get mpg? or is it gallons per mile? :smiley:

CDL’s are required on a truck with a GVWR of 26,000lbs. or more. The CXT’s GVWR is 25,999lbs. one lb. under beeyotches.

holy shit… lol .

I’d rather have the Spitfire that is parked next to it…

i might have to spec that thing out at taffys. when you going 2 be there.

Dozer i need one of them.

mine might look like poopra ranger does to mine.