Is it weird?

That i have been here since 2008 but never post?
I never post because i have nothing to ad to the subject nor a 240 (at the moment). I was suppose to buy a car a long time ago but insurance was way too high…and now i am looking an people get scared that i have no posts and a username “blank”.

But yeah, I read a lot here, it’s all good shit. Hopefully when/if i get a car I can contribute.

okay thanks?


Do you like pancakes?

pancakes are awesome

Now you have 2 posts! Welcome.

i am special now =D
Anyone want to sell me a car :wink:

What’s your budget?

While that story was exceptionally frigid, I for one think it would be most beneficial for everyone involved if you could recount it for us again.


Budget is 2500ish. Looking for bone stock running car.

I hope you like rust (:

Oh i know…
Sounds stupid but i want something repairable. “lightly rusted” so I only have to patch a few holes and what not…i doubt there is such thing…

With the $500 you save you should be able to get some clean rails and from what I gather, its basically just a few spots of surface rust that need to be sounded down and repainted/touched up. Also agreed with his ad you find alot of shitty ones on kijiji that claim clean but end up being fucked underneith when you get it on a lift.

He is the one that won’t sell to me…the whole reason i made this post…
Like i could understand zero post but i actually asked to see the car not just offered money or said “hey i am going to buy it at the end of the month”. Up to him if he can let me view the car tomorrow while I am in Hamilton…

I just thought a user named blank with zero posts wanted my car to be a bit scetch./

pancakes are awesome

blank you used to own a silver vdub/golf?


I’m looking for cats. Anyone got some for sale?

lol cats… My friend has a couple stray ones around his house. They’re friendly, take them for free!

cool story bro…

GOTTA PAY TO PLAY… either get a rustbucket or dish out more cash

the two point slow mk4 golf wasnt doing justice, eh?