ISIS Pro / HR & TOPSPEED Coilover Prices

hey gents, just figured i’d throw this out there for you in case you care.

Pricing includes shipping, take $50 out if you pick up (SON240SX BOYS)… Bear in mind i dont stock these, if ISIS has them i bring them into Canada and ship them to you from Ontario. Of all of the options here i would recommend going with ISIS Pro coils. I dont have extensive experience with them but to the touch they are really nice and ISIS is making moves and is good with customer service too.

ISIS Coilovers:

$925 shipped for Pro series:

ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Nissan 240sx 89-93 8k/6k
ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Nissan 240sx 95-98 8k/6k
ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Mazda RX7 FC3S
ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Nissan 350z Z33
ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ
ISIS HR Pro Series Coilovers - Nissan Skyline R32 GTST

sample pic of Pro coils:

Top Speed Coilovers:

$900 Shipped:

Nissan s13/s14 8/6 rates
Nissan 300zx 90-96 8/6 rates
Nissan 350z / Z33 02-07 & 03-06 G coupe 10/7 rates
Nissan Skyline GTS-T R32, R33, R34 10/8 rates
Mitsu EVO 4-9 (97-07) 9/7 rates
Hyundai Genesis - 09-11 (not sure of rates at the moment)
Mazda Miata - 90-05 7/6 rates
Mazda FC3S - 86-92 10/8 rates

Other applications available… sample pics:

Full application list and additional details:


You’re buying cheap coilovers so don’t expect an industry leading warranty program… that said, i can commit to submitting your case to ISIS or Top Speed and advocating for you in the event of an issue. I have had success with this in the past.

prices updated (raised) on account of exchange rate.