ISIS *Pro* Coilovers Broooooooo

  • Yo Bro, ISIS Pro brooo…

  • ISIS Pro bro? They go low though?

  • Yo Bro, they go mad low bro

  • yeah bro? they cost mad dough though?

  • no bro, price is low yo

  • are they shit though?

  • it’s $850 for new coilovers buddy… you know what you’re getting into.

They really don’t look to bad. I would say if you’re building a bit of a missile car that these would suit you quite well.

They have all the right adjustability and features… they looks and feel a lot like Megans actually. Don’t have the finish of HSD and i’m sure that translates into other short-comings compared to HSD but for the price i think you’re much better off with these than with JDM mystery container coilovers.

$850 picked up. Add $30 for shipping in Ontario, $40 for out of province.

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8/6 rates, 32 way adjustable and front camber plates…

these basically are the new Megans i would say… couple hundo cheaper though… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

haha best ad ever.

truth in advertising brooooooo!!!

Yo ad so nice Bro
There any warranty on them Bro?

$850 coilovers shouldnt have a warranty :slight_smile:

the Basics didnt but it’s all case by case.

if there are issues before install I can service them… if it’s an early defect, i’ll advocate for you but i can’t guarantee anything.

Are they still making the basics?

I got both of my fronts replaced under warranty :s

  1. Would these fit on a 92 318is?
  2. If so, where are you located and I can probably pick them up today.

ISIS makes some great products especially for the price you pay, hopefully these coilovers are no exception!

looking @ their cheapy turbo’s, a bunch people are running stateside/abroad and pushing good power… too good to be true?

I don’t know if i’d go so far as to recommend their turbos, i still think you’re better off with something genuine, but there are certainly a number of products these guys do that are great value for money.

PM’d you Bing

smoking to much grass BRO why would nissan parts fit a bmw


He didn’t state what they were for and I’ve seen people selling shit for stuff other then S-chassis’.

gents this is clearly all my fault… however, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooossssss

your lack of research into what ISIS makes, is disturbing

… you don’t know what your suspension looks like do you

deleting some stuff… i appreciate the thread bumps but could do without antagonizing other members… so let’s just stop with all that

Yo Bing, do you have these for s13 and s14?

they are available for each but i am not keeping them in stock, i just order them as needed.

if you send a deposit i’ll bring a set up for you.

I was looking at buying those last week but everywhere I checked, they were backordered 6-8 weeks, so i bought the BC Racing BR coilovers instead…damn