ISIS Pro Coilovers Broooooooo

  • Yo Bro, ISIS Pro brooo…

  • ISIS Pro bro? They go low though?

  • Yo Bro, they go mad low bro

  • yeah bro? they cost mad dough though?

  • no bro, price is low yo

  • are they shit though?

  • it’s $730 for new coilovers buddy… you know what you’re getting into.

They really don’t look to bad. I would say if you’re building a bit of a missile car that these would suit you quite well.

They have all the right adjustability and features… they looks and feel a lot like Megans actually. Don’t have the finish of HSD and i’m sure that translates into other short-comings compared to HSD but for the price i think you’re much better off with these than with JDM mystery container coilovers.

8/6 rates, 32 way adjustable and front camber plates…

these basically are the new Megans i would say… couple hundo cheaper though… Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

NYSPEED or other US buyers…

$730 shipped.

Only for 240’s or are there other applications available?

This has a lot of bRo

8.75/10, would read again.

at the moment i can only get the 240sx applications.

I am sure genesis and others will come out.

if you want shit coilovers for a BMW you can go somewhere else, i don’t want to associate myself with such atrocities :slight_smile:

No more low can go.