It may not be practical, but it looks fun


i knew you’d get the itch again…

Judging by the size of the gas tank and the “4mpg” he have to hope there was a gas station every 8-10 miles, that had 100oct lol.

So your arms go around the supercharger and just above the headers. Sounds… warm?

Much more streetable :wink:

And it comes with a 12 month unlimited mile warranty.

uhh… holy shit

This one is a 502…

trike(?) FTGay :walter:

it has 2 forward gears, nice.


fing sick… I love overkill projects :tup:

Jack are those Boss Hoss’s?

why bother!..hp/weight ratio ?


…not sure why. but that bike looks like it gives you a free brazilian wax everytime you ride it for an extended period of time.

The big block Chrysler is interesting, but he should have went with the Hemi!

I must say it is some nice fabrication there. I like that it has reverse, that’s handy.

one false move?

Dead >that

uhh unreal…

i never got that though… they still are no faster than a new liter bike? and they certainly dont handle any better… i do like the boss hoss though

and from a standing start to a quarter of a mile in under seven seconds.


I’ll give you the point about handling though.