iTunes and Bonjour Problem: iTunes shares only go "one way"

So I’m having a problem with a Mac I just set up to sit in my living room and serve media.

I want to use my iPhone with the Remote app to control the box, through iTunes. However I’m having a serious problem and I don’t know why.

My network is set up like this, PC -wired-> Router -wireless-> Bridge -wired-> Mac.

My PC can see the shared iTunes library on the Mac. The Mac, however, can’t see the shared iTunes library on the PC. It also can’t see my iPhone attempting to be a remote.

However, Finder (Leopard) is seeing file shares over Bonjour. So the problem seems to exist in iTunes with Bonjour. Anyone have any ideas?

Gah, I fixed it. Stupid OSX.

I removed 7.7, installed 7.6.2. 7.6 saw the share! Since 7.6 wasn’t going to help at all for what I wanted to do, I decided to try and update back to 7.7. Sure enough, after I updated, my iPhone showed up as an available device.

Apple sure is slipping a lot lately. Every update breaks something else.

lol. truth.mac.

ilike my ipod touch 2.0 now with pandora. if only itunes didnt suck royaly.

my music library on my pc is so messed up now i dont know where to start to fix it.

like why dosent itunes/ipod recognize the album artwork that is on my PC? windows media player works flawlessly. except that it dosent recognize the ipod. and i dont blame it. does anyone have a good way to get my windows media info onto my ipod touch? all the files are ripped as .mp3’s not wmas or whatever mac calls them. 99% of the music is ripped from my own CD’s i dont pirate stuff. but itunes dosent recognize the info. and even the “find album info” never finds anything. the windows one is amazing.