J&S Dyno Day In June

Saturday June 26 Dyno Day at J&S Dyno.

Starting at 9am running as late as we can
First come, first serve, we’ll be moving quickly to try and get everyone on that wants to go on.
It will be $50.00 for 3 pulls.
Highest Horsepower Wins $100.00

Last years went well between kurt and justin and it makes for a good show and friendly competition. As always we’ll be cooking out, free burgers and hot dogs, drinks, feel free to bring some stuff down if you’d like.

There will however be no tuning, going on while on the dyno. There were quite a few people who didnt get to get on the dyno last time because there was to much down time with each car. Please make sure your car is ready to go, Ic pipes tight, fluids full,cars not leaking all over the place. It makes for a much smoother day and more cars get to get on the dyno.Also lastly if your car is lowered, has a low hanging exhaust, anything of the sort, please let us know in advance so we can be prepared for you.
The turnout last year was amazing I hope everyone had a good time and hope to see everyone there again.

BRA is June 13 and I was hoping to get my car down to you to tune on the dyno before going up to ohio to race. If you do the dyno day then, thats fine I may try to be there but I need a day to tune :slight_smile:

K give me a call let me know when you’d like to use the dyno

It shall be either June 3rd if I get home in time or June 12th as I will be home then. I will not be around June 19th. So the dyno day can be any day, its just better for me that its later so I can get a chance to tune the car before BRA.

I prob won’t be around June 19th weekend either.

I forgot the bra is that weekend ok besides the 19th any other weekend work for people?

ill come out and hang out for that one atleast maybe my car will get done soon

Ok the day is set June 26 will be our dyno day. Hope we have a turn out like last time, anyone need anymore information just ask, or call me 412-596-6803

i try calling all the time abot getting my suspension off you you never return my cal bro when can i com get that shit i need it like asap my fronts are blown out

Marking calander now. Need tons of work to put up big numbers, motor just got back to me today from DLK. I may just see what we can put down with the 14b you sold me and ecmlinkV3

Steve sold you the 14b. But I love working with v3, it’s pretty straight forward, and wayyy better than the older version in my opinion. You gonna run e85, or race gas on it?

Lowest HP Number winner too ? lol

We stil havent had anything lower then deluca’s rx7 that threw down an amazing 97whp. There were quite a few N/A subaru’s that sure gave it there best but still managed to pull 110-117whp out.

oh i know i could bring something that can top Deluca’s rx7…lol

Steves mustang doesn’t count. It has to be able to atleast spin the rollers


ohhhh burn. can i bring one of my z masters?


and no, thats not what i was gonna bring

<3 you steve

lol you will come to the dark side eventually. it all takes time.