JNZ Tuning's Evo X Preview Pics

we are doing a project on JNZ’z New Evo X. here are some pics that we took today. look forward to more multimedia on it in the next few weeks

white+black is sick

overall i like it a lot except for the muffler. Looks kinda cheap.

Looks great, nice pics.

I agree with the muffler comment though, these have a real nice dual exit setup from the factory.

I love the front clip on those. Still can’t vibe with the rear.

Ugh that $20 ebay looking muffler ruins it.

^vibrant performance muffler. they are not going cheap on this car

I don’t care what it’s called, it looks and probably sounds like I spent $20.00 on it.

Damn I didn’t know anyone from out there was a member on here.

that car looks sick…i really like the front end on it…very hot

that looks real sick. i like alot

Well at least you’ll have a nice view of it if you ever raced it…

The almost $1000 HKS Ti for the Supra looks the same way, like junk.
Performance > Looks

Car looks SICK!!

B-E-A-Uitfully said :itr41:

i dont know what teh fuck ^ is but i thought it would suit this situation

the car is sick

I still cant get into these cars, Im sure Ill come around, but i just love the way the 9 looks.

Thats bc every cheap tincan builder in China said “oh look fags will pay money for these things” and then they all look the same.

Its mostly in the internals, the cheap ebay ones blow out and end up being just a straight pipe half the time :rofl:

Looks sweet. What are they doing to it?

I saw a couple of them at the local evo meet. It was funny seeing the 8/9/10 lined up next to each other.

Thanks for the schooling on exhausts… I mean I never knew any of that :ugh2:

when ever a new product debuts for it, they are getting is. they are thinking of getting a set of coilovers next