Joe Kennedy's Detailing

Does anyone have personal experience with them? I found one thread where @bracketracer recommended them, but that was back in '07.

I need a place to take my truck but it seems most detail guys / places in the area pop up for a few years then disappear. Joe Kennedy’s has been around for what seems like forever.


I brought them a jeep I bought that was beat up from offroading…they made it 100x better

I have a guy in hamburg that does a lot of good work. He has worked on all of my cars and has quite a few high end return clients. He also does ceramic coatings and things like that. I can get you his contact info if you would like. Let me know. I have a video on my phone of a new Z06 that he ceramic coated and I was blown away with the car when he was done. Hes meticulous

Is this the Sheer Luxe guy? Someone was recommending him to me today. Searching posts, it looks like @evomr had a positive recent experience with him.

Look up Brian Lerczak on Facebook. He is the sheer luxe guy and hos work is phenomenal.

It is not. Different guy. This one is Premier Detailing

I have not taken a vehicle to Brian yet but his pics on facebook are impressive.

For reference.

Ended up having someone else do it. Pictures here:

Well now…

Joe KennedyAllentown22 hr ago

In case your still looking for us​:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang::bangbang:.

Many of you were asking what happen to us…For 48 years we were blessed to be your auto DETAILER of choice and located right here in the Elmwood Village. We were forced out by greedy landlords and an employee who behind my back stole my business and some of my customers. I am not retired as you will be told. I am alive and well and we have taken our business mobile. Thats right we come to your home or office. My passion my excellence and my 48 years of continued service cant be stolen. We are here for you on your terms. If you need a detail and are looking for the BEST in the business call Joe Kennedy at 855- BUFF. You can see much more at joekennedyautobeautycenter/Facebook

i would like to get this done

Maybe drop off the car to Mike and head to ADK with us one weekend.

Makes you wonder if any of his new employees have to sign any documents. I know at my work with trading commodities, we had to sign a sheet when hired that if/when we leave we are not allowed to contact those customers to try and gain their business at a new place for x amount of time. Obviously they have to prove you did regardless, which I’m sure it a little hard.

@yamba6 yeah there’s always a work around. And I think this guy is just older and simply didn’t think it would happen to him.

But it’s only one side of the story, so who really knows.

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