What shops still do detailing?

It looks like DetailWNY hasn’t been on it bit or updated their facebook.

Any suggestions for other local businesses? Not someone who does it on the side.

He works out of Blackforest Motorsport mostly.

I will hit them up if since they’re still around just haven’t seen any updates lately wasn’t sure if they were still in business.

He stopped emailing me when I was trying to set an appointment. Not a good way to gain business.

DetailWNY did my M5 in January. Done quickly, fair pricing, all the usual good stuff.

auto aesthetica did a wicked job on my M3 last year… i know he’s around…

This popped up in my email a couple days ago, going to give them a shot in the spring.


Mike did my GTR too. While his communication and followup was a bit difficult, he did an unbelievable job on the car and at a very reasonable price. If you can track him down, he certainly won’t disappoint.

Thanks for posting this, I just grabbed one. When I bought my truck, it never really got the full detail since I bought it through my sister in-law’s father. It was kind of a wholesale deal and after this winter, it needs a good cleaning.

Arete and PAD

I back Arete if you want to trek to Rochester for a detail.

You can try tweeting DetailWNY / AutoAesthetica / Mike.

But he’s definitely still around and was going to do my truck a few months ago.

Everything is still active. I’m sorry for emails not received, i can only speculate poor filtering based on the ridiculous amount of spam received daily.

Email and especially phone calls are a great way for communication for me still.

Michael Fortunato
Auto Aesthetica

Curious how much it would be to do exterior only on a 2012 white tahoe in pretty good shape in spring time. Feel free the pm me, thanks.

I’m willing to bet, like any other business, that you calling him is your best line of communication.


looked at a couple places so far

paint correction & ceramic coating for viper and mustang

most places 650-1000$ 3-5 years protection

any recommendations?

No recommendations, but this reminds me that I haven’t had my truck done since before COVID

Buffalo Car Care looks pretty solid, same with South Elmwood Detailing

BCC sucks donkey dick. It’s for dealer level new car details.

WNY autospa is the place to go.

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I’m blanking on the name, but is the guy still detailing in the bay next to https://www.motorcarswny.com/ ?