Johnny is the MAN

Went to see @Kramer after he posted about the deals on silverado’s. Joe Basil had a very nice selection in many trims. Kramer was a no bullshit kinda guy. We made a deal after only a couple hours of talking. Stop texting and wasting his time about deals go see him and walk out with something nice!!! They got my business when my wife’s lease is up.

Solid, the new silverado is a great truck

@Kramer is top notch, despite his fucktardery here on NYS.

JK… now go buy a car from him.

Thanks guys

I had to look up the definition…



That was my thought. Deal needs to be done in 30 mins or less or I’m out. I got people to do and shit to see.

yes unfortunately most customers never ask what we pay which generally makes things difficult, what I think tom means is the time we spent coordinating the delivery with him and his wife’s schedule. as a sales person we never want to drag things out as that just takes off of the floor which means no money In my pocket. Tom is a good guy and we can hopefully do more business in the future.

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you would not believe the amount of people who would come in and ask for more off a Silverado when they were 25 percent off on a purchase. like get a grip and their only justification was that everyone else was getting that and they just felt they were entitled to more.

I hear ya, I just try to make the process go as quickly as possible.

agreed, and honestly everything is priced so aggressively because of internet shopping it just does us no justice for asking the moon for 99 percent of vehicles.

I worded that wrong. Couple hours total. Went in at 10am and left with a truck at 2.