juiced 2

any one else try it yet?

roads are a little slick but the customizing is pretty good not the best turn out but if they have as many cars as they did in the first it will turn out decent.

well i played the demo on the 360 and it looked fairly good, it took a while to get used to the way the cars handled but it seemed pretty cool, i played and liked the first one too, cant really give a good opinion on this one as of yet tho.

same here due to the little play of the carear you get.

the camaro looks pretty bad and the graphix aint to bad.

anyone else buy it

yea i got it i’m alittle disapointed that there is not one subaru in the game but whatever

it sucks balls, what a waste of a game.
fucking lame ass drifting shit, ricer cars,…no thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

just because there is no grand nationals in the game does not mean it is lame!

i got it its not to bad.

would like to see some older cars in there such as eclipses and cavaliers. like the first one.

i would have like to see a chevy cobalt ss supercharged in it

there is a suburu in it you get it a level 5