Junkyard finds:

hello all, i went on an excursion to M&M u-pull-it and found some pretty sweet stuff i thought some people may be interested in so i figured i would post it up.

first off i found an EF wagon civic with the 4wd…but it was auto.

while in there, i peeked through the fence in the back…and low and behold there layed a perfectly nearly untouched 92 teg GSR with the b17vtec…only things missing were the gas tank, hood, and one headlight…so i talked to the owner of marks(marks ownes behind the fence) and they got it at an auction after it was donated…and only payed $50 for the thing…they want $1400 for the longblock, no tranny, and $3100 for the whole front clip with body panels.

there was a turbo saab, but shaft play like woah.
there was a turbo probe as well
and two fieros with almost no body/frame damage.
one EG coupe with d16y8

thought some peeps might be interested.

what kinda of she was the eg in and do u think they would sell it whole

it was OK, trunk was missing, some of the interior was missing, dizzy was missing, etc.

they dont sell whole cars there

any e30’s? last time i went, there were 2, but sak (airhead) said he didnt see any on his last trip a week or so ago.

i saw a blue mk3 vr at marks when i still had my jetta… i drove down there and asked him about it and he told me there wasnt one. i said, i saw it, it was 5 lug, its a vr i want it. how much. he kept insisting there were no jettas at all in his lot. next time i went to m and m i looked for it but it was gone. fucking guy…

no e30’s…there was 2 bimmers i think, but niether was an e30.
yeah, they are kinda dicks when they know they have something you really want

About 80% of the shit ive needed there has been small enough to sneak out. I agree fully with you if they " KNOW" you want something particular they do act dickish

lol, size dont matter
i went to get a bunch of DA integra parts…i PAYED for a wiring harness, i TOOK a wiring harness, interir fusebox, exterior fusebox, dizzy, (2) pr4 computers, a p75 computer, a shiftknob, injector reistor box, intake sensor, etc.


No fuckin thanks. Over priced fucks.

Speaking of M&M hope the nice weather continues next week since I need to visit soon for some shiit

hmm i was @ m+m around 12 today and i had a pretty unpleasent experience , i called on friday and asked if they had any 94-00 integras cause i was looking for a fender. The lady on the phone told me to hang on she came back and said yea we have one or two back there ull find one. She said 20$ which is not bad for a fender. So i called again this morning just to double check the guy says they have one.I go there , pay the 2$ and ask the guy workin where and integra would be and he replys , anywhere look in the foreign row. Me and my friend tom walk the entire place , every row had domestics and imports in it , more so domestics,and everything. I dont see a single integra. So i walk to the exit and wait in line and tell the guy , "listen i called about an acura integra fender friday and then i called this morning to double check and you guys said u had @ least one drivers side fender.He replys , ohh well we had a white one but it was pretty picked over and its prob crushed by now. Im like well i called 2 times and u told me u had one. Hes like driver side? and i was like yea he turns in the little fuckin trailer and acts like hes lookin through something when he really was just shootin the shit with some other fag there, he comes back and is like try back in 2 weeks.

Fuckin scum bag mother fuckers , total waste of time big :tdown:

Ya its all about making the $ there not the service…Should’ve asked the fucker for a refund of the entry fee since they lied lol

yea i should have i was just too pissed and didnt even wanna deal with those fuckheads.

What year/model of saab turbo? Any '94+ 900s there yet? Yeah, I called and asked if they had any '95+ Subaru Legacys. They said no. I went anyway and found both the parts I’m looking for on a '99 Legacy.:shoot:They never know what parts are left on the cars, which is understandable, but shouldn’t they know what cars they have? I don’t think they even check. But I still go there anyways.

honestly, they go through cars there like you wouldnt beleive. i never bother to call, i just go and look for what i want, which usually isnt anything uncommon…most of the parts i want come on a ton of different ford models and i never hae a problem. the saab that was there was early 90’s, older than 94.

if anyone else goes post up the good stuff ya find.

M&M is not the type of place where you call to find out what they have. The turnover of cars they have is crazy, and they do not keep inventory. The whole point of the business is that they save money by not having to do this stuff, which is why you can come and look around yourself for the small insurance fee.

altimarollin and focusinprogess… PM me sometime if you’re going there, I’ll join you.

^ :word: ill start throwing up when im going in the meets section…i love a good parts scrounge. lol. oh, and hit me up if your gonna go as well

Yea i guess its not the place to call i normally dont call cause im not looking for anything in particular but this time i was.I usually go to south buffalo auto, j+j , or skyway, and they keep the same cars for years.

yea there were a few i went with dirty like 2 months ago before he left fo school

^ they clear the lot like once every 3 weeks. the turnover rate is unpralleled there lol.

j+j is an overpriced asshole.

side note…any foci at skyway? ive never been there

Well ya gotta talk ppl down when there over priced. lol i always do and i get what i want. Not too sure ive never really looked in the domestic section a whole lot but i wouldnt doubt if they had some foci , theyve got about 10 crx’s a 92 civic hatch, 2 coupes, nissan 240sx, tons of shit just call before u go there and theyll run it through the computer and check.