Just bought a house....sort of

I just sort of bought a house this week. We put an offer in and they accepted so now we just wait till the closing date and I guess that is when I officially bought it. So I guess that buying “go fast” parts for either of my rides is going to limited now unless I start pulling in the $$$ with mt new job.

house>car anyway

I would ahve to say car>house

I like doing housework much better than car work. Tearing down walls and building new ones is a lot more fun than changing oil pan gaskets and tranny flywheels IMHO

thats just cuy you dont have a nice car to work on :stick:

where in pittsburgh???

you just wait and see what I will do to my truck. After the altezza install, I got a supra wing and a 28" lowering kit, it’s gonna be badass. :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. We close on ours next Thursday July 8th.

i heart working on houses.

It was nerveracking going through the car buying process, I cant imagine how stressful it must be to buy a house. Realtors, banks, inspectors, loans, insurance, credit checks, taxes, zoning, build permits, mineral rights, blah blah blah.

yup, the whole looking at house after house after house, then submitting bids and going back and forth on price. Then once you get a price the home inspection and so forth. Now I am looking at the daunting task of moving all my stuff. :frowning:

Although I do have Jeff95, Shaggy, and OrangeSS that volunteered to help me. :bowdown: x 23443856802891

if you need a hand, let me know.

i lost my license for 60 days, so i have some free time.

Ahhh the beauty of PITTspeed: We talk shit all the time on here but when it comes down to it, Blayner offers to help me. :bigthumb: Thanks man!

i voluntered but i guess you forgot

Whoops, yes you did. Sorry Eric.

Bics dont forget the House warming party

congradulations!! where abouts is the house?

It’s nice having a place that you own. There’s always maintenance but it’s worth it.