Just got home from Nektar...

…and man does that place suck. I was there because a Williamsville clothing store (Fofa) was having a fashion show and my fiance was one of the models.

Wow, I"ve never seen so many pretentious douche bags in one place before. To start with they had valet parking, which people used quite frequently for some reason, which consisted of you pulling up to the curb, hand another man your keys (the horror!) just to have that dude pull your car another couple feet up to the curb! It was seriously just “Here, you park my car right here where I already am within 15 feet of so that everyone can see me using valet.” :wtf:

The show was alright. It’s always fun to watch good looking girls strut/dance around. They were all amateur models so they were all half-cocked so that they weren’t nervous. They were just dancing around across the stage having fun. :tup:

I still don’t get the whole “I’m out in a suit in Buffalo” thing. Why? I guess it’s called style, but I think these guys are the same ones who started popping their collars a couple years ago. Trying to make it look like they just finished up a hard day at their prestigious job, ripped off their tie and popped the top two buttons on their way to meet their professional colleagues for cocktails, when they in fact probably slept till 2, got up, played X-Box for 3 hours, then spent 2 hours crafting that look. I dunno, maybe I’m off, just the impression that I got. Oh you’re dressed like a young professional? That’s cool. I actually am a young professional in Buffalo, don’t dress like that at work, and have no desire to dress like that outside of work.

And then, just to embody the stereotype, I am following my fiance and her friend across the bar. They’re both very pretty girls. One of these d-bags actually does the lean-back/twist-around (twice in a row, once for each girl) and says, and I quote, “Hey there little lady.” Hey there little lady??? Who the fuck says that? Twice in a row??? Does he actually think that will work? I’m no Rico Suave but even I know that that will get you nothing but a sneer. What ever happened to “Hi I’m Jim. What’s your name? You looked like you were having a lot of fun up there, do you do shows like that a lot?” OMG a conversation! :jawdrop:

A couple of guys actually started a conversation with my fiance and her friend. tee-up to them to actually having a clue. tee-down to them for blatantly making lude gestures about my fiance earlier when they either didn’t know or didn’t care that I could see, then faking decency.

I dunno, I guess I started my rant off wrong. The bar itself is actually pretty cool and the owners have done a kick ass job at cultivating the high-end atmosphere that they are going for. The valet parking’s a little over the top, but whatever. The crowd that was there tonight just wasn’t my gig. The girls were alright, but had kind of the same faux-haute-couture air about them.

Westfields anyone? :beer2:

hahah nektar

ill occasionally wear a suit out for some beers, thats because i wanted a drink more than i wanted to go home and change out of work clothes.

^Acceptable because you’re legit. Too many of the guys in suits there seemed like the kind of guys who would put cone filters on the end of intercoolers, if you know what I mean…

lots of people go out to bars right after work wearing suits :wtf:

I’ve been out on numerous occasions with a suit on :frowning:

But I know what ya mean lol

Haha, I agree wth most of this initial post. Pretty funny how “some” people present themselves. I don’t know. Opinions are like assholes…