Justice For ____ Thread (Protests @ City Hall)

I have to work :frowning:

Someone go get some video footage lol

Buffalo protests are always lame.

Occupy Wall Street setup a whole bunch of tents that no one was actually using to make themselves seem bigger than they were.

BLM had maybe 20 people during its peak.

Right-wing protests are just silly.

And none of it gets results.

Well, I’m seeing white people dressed in all black / hoods, carrying signs, parking in my neighborhood and walking to Niagara so we’ll see if there’s any fuckery.

Sheriff chopper overhead too.

My neighbor said he saw maybe 20 people in Niagara square earlier.

I really wish more people understood that as soon as a movement is tied to violence, in modern America, that movement is dead & ineffective. They’ll never be able to change enough minds now. All anyone will remember is AutoZone on fire.

Well at least there’s no looting


The Mayor had a statement earlier saying they know outside people are planning to use the protest in Buffalo to commit violence.


Not the article I wanted. I was trying to post the mayor’s statement.