Blizzard 2022 Thread

Feet of snow and 70 mph winds. Merry Christmas!

I’ll believe it when we get it. It’s Tuesday and people are freaking out about the Friday night/Saturday forecast. Be prepared, but I’m not changing any of my Christmas eve plans yet.

I have some travel to do but we’ll see if this is all it’s cracked out to be. The so far the past 2 lake effect joints have lived up to the hype.

Dang… I’m coming home to Utica for the first time in 5 years… leaving on Friday. Here’s to hoping my flights don’t get cancelled

Driving from Detroit to buffalo on the 26th shall be fun.

Going to stop and fill up a couple gas cans tonight for the generator just in case.

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“Once in a generation storm”


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arctic dick punch was the old phrase right?


We’re already planning on being off Friday lol.

Which is fine with me!

This is just through 8pm fri night
The salmon color is 24+

Yep, my daughter’s ski coach (Williamsville) was saying the same thing at practice last night about likely having a snow day Friday. They’re afraid of being able to get the kids to school no problem and then having kids getting stuck on busses getting home. It’s the day before Christmas break so you know they’re not doing much at school anyway so I agree, just cancel it.

EDIT: Not liking all these lake effect models showing the northtowns in the crosshairs this time.


Yeah I specifically bought a house in ToT because we never get snow. This is horseshit.

lol. I’m still in the 0.9" range right at the edge of Erie/Niagara county.

i better get working on my snow blower just in case nothing happens. :wink:


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That’s one way to save on sending them off to college. How long to get the blood stains out?


What a classic! I just traded up my early 90s era snowblower

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No teenagers were physically harmed after incapacitating the machine.

My daughter decided to subscribe to putting a towel over her car windows so she would not have to scrape the ice.

What else would an 18 y/o girl do, but just toss it in the driveway during a while it is snowing.
16 y/o son is also blind apparently.



Could be worse, a coworker unknowingly dropped his cell phone while snow blowing last winter and found it as he heard/saw the pieces blasting out of the chute and showering down in his yard. The boys over at youbreakifix definitely weren’t putting that one back together.


Well here’s one I’ve never seen before. Wave forecast for Lake Erie, 14-18’ with occasional 23’ers.


The break wall is NOT that high so that should be interesting. Plus with the super cold temps that spray on rt 5 is going to insta-freeze to everything.